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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lacquer Lust Midnight Snack, Stroke of Good Luck, S-Mauve-Mente

~Lacquer Lust~

A couple years ago, when I finally got a smart phone, I joined Instagram.  While learning the IG ropes, I found an entirely different community of nail polish lovers/makers out there!  It was large and it was cult-like!  Amongst the makers I found on IG with a cult-like following was Lacquer Lust.   One day, she mentioned having a restock and I leisurely went over to her site about two minutes after it opened.  Everything was sold out!  I was sorta shocked and just KNEW I needed to try out her polish.  I finally was able to get a few and they were pretty impressive.

Midnight Snack is a thermal scattered holo.  When warm, it is a very light nude.  When cold, it is a dark charcoal.
I used two coats and they were flawless.
Stroke of Good Luck is also a scattered thermal holo.  When cold, it is a soft yellow. When warm, it is a lime green. I used two flawless coats.

S-Mauve-Mente is a scattered holo pink that leans gray.  This was also flawless and two coats. 

Parting Thoughts: After trying these three polishes, I can see why Lacquer Lust sells out so quickly.  All three of these had consistently flawless application. The thermal is not bad and the scattered holo is a nice added bonus to the polish. 

Price: $12.50



*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*


becky smith said...

I love midnight snack x

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Wow! Midnight Snack is so sexy!