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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mod Lacquer LE Luminidust 1 Year Anniversary Polish!


It's been  about a year since I found Mod Lacquer on Etsy.  I was intrigued by the uniqueness and the potential I saw in those bottles!  When she asked me to review, I jumped all over it. My hunch was correct.  Mod Lacquer is quality and uniqueness!  A year later, and Mod Lacquer celebrated her anniversary.  She has over 3,000 sales in her store!  Today, I want to show you her LE anniversary polish-Luminidust.

Luminidust is a silver-gray holo.  I used  a nail art design to spice things up a bit.  A Vivid Lacquer stamping plate and some red beads for the cherry blossoms make up this macro shot.
I used two coats and application was a breeze!  The holo is a subtle linear, and it did not help matters much as it was cloudy this day.  
The macro shows the soft linear better. 
This polish seemed to call out for something soft and ethereal.  I used a Vivid Lacquer stamping plate or the cherry blossoms and some red beads in the center of the blossoms.
Of course, if that is not practical, you can always use a red polish to dot the centers instead.  I used Mod Lacquer Cherry Fizz for this manicure.
On my other hand I used a different stamping plate from Vivid Lacquer using bamboo and cherry blossoms.  I then used Cherry Fizz again for the dotting of the blossoms and Mod Lacquer Lightning Lime for the bamboo.

Parting Thoughts: While some brands are wildly popular and getting all the glory, Mod Lacquer is quietly stealing some of that thunder.  I highly recommend this brand as the consistency and the creativity are on point here. 

Price: Minis-$4  FS-$9.50-$10
Discount code: LOVE15 gets you 15% off for Valentine's Day.  Expires Feb 28.


Instagram  @modlacquer

*Luminidust was purchased by me. All opinions are my own*


Chantel said...

Pretty manicure. I love the design.

Kelly Ruiz said...

I love this. So classy!

Ms. Lizard said...

So pretty! Great for spring!

Emily Draher said...

I absolutely love the nail art! :)