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Monday, February 24, 2014

Part 1 of Superficially Colorful's NEW INDIE SHOP!


     Tonight is super exciting for me, because I have a special friend who is going to be opening her shop March 3.  She has been making polishes for well over a year now and has finally-FINALLY- decided to open a shop! Jin-Jit is the blogger behind Superficially Colorful.  She is based out of Israel and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for about two years.  Jin-Jit recently sent me ten of her polishes as a gift, and I have decided to review them and show them to the world.  
     Let me just say, that while Jin-Jit is a friend, I would be doing no one any favors by giving her rave reviews for no reason.  I have already told Jin-Jit this and I pride myself on being able to give you, my reader, fair and honest reviews. If a polish is not worth it, I do not want you spending money, and I do not want an indie maker unknowingly making a polish that could do with some improvements.  So let's have at it shall we? I am so excited!

Giggly is a thermal polish that is berry purple when warm and a royal purple when cold.  There is an amazing pink shimmer when top coated.
I used two coats, and it dries matte (as do most all of her polishes.)  I put on a top coat to bring the shine and shimmer out.  The polish gave me great coverage and the shimmer and thermal are quite obvious when looking at the nail. 
The brushes in these bottles were a bit wonky.   Some worked fine and some did not. I already talked to Jin-Jit about them and she already has new bottles and brushes!
WOW!  Look at that shimmer and look at that thermal!
Fascinated is a thermal that goes from light sky blue when warm to a purple when cold.  It has a slight pink and blue shimmer to it when top coated.
Application was two coats on this one as well, but it was a bit on the thicker side.
I love how the pink and blue shimmer come out to play in the sun!
You can really see the shimmer in this macro.
Serene is a pastel sky blue with slight blue shimmer.  The thermal is not as obvious as the others, but it does change to a slightly darker blue when very cold.
I used three coats basically because I was finding bald spots after the first and second. 
You can somewhat see the shimmer in this macro.
Parting Thoughts:  Of the three in this post, I am in love with Giggly.  Fascinated was also pretty impressive.  I think some tweaks need to happen to Serene; but once those happen, it too will be amazing!

Price:  unknown-I will update when I know.


Instagram @jinjit
*These products were provided as a gift. All opinions are my own*


Jin Jit said...
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Jin Jit said...

Thank you so much for this amazing post <3 And I am working on all the improvements ;)

Emily Draher said...

Beautiful swatches of beautiful polishes! I love Jin Jit's stuff! :)

Katie Eakins said...

Yay for new indies! Serene is beautiful!

Taneja's Bride said...

These look absolutely wonderful! Great swatches!! <3

Briana NailACollegeDropOut said...

these are so pretty! i think i'm the only person who doesn't own any thermal polish.

Briana NailACollegeDropOut said...

these are so pretty! i think i'm the only person who doesn't own any thermal polish.

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Gorgeous! I need Serene. Like NEED it.