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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Superficially Colorful Grand Opening-Part 3!


Well, tonight is my last post of the thermal polishes I was given by my friend, Jin Jit of Superficially Colorful.  If you missed my last two posts about her new indie shop, please check out Part 1 and Part 2.  Superficially Colorful will be opening on March 3 and I am very excited for her as she has some great thermals to choose from!

My very favorite from all of Superficially Colorful's polishes is Meditative.  I am not great at describing colors, but I believe this is a teal green when warm and a darker deep ocean green when cold.  As per her other thermals, this one also has a great shimmer-this time in teal.
*gasp*  Staring at this picture, I am in awe of the beauty!  I used two very smooth coats and had no issues. The polish had great consistency.
I have worn a few indie brands' thermals, and this one takes the cake!  

Mischievous is a glitter jelly polish.  The base is a muted orange and it has purple squares with a little bit of gold shimmer in the base!
I used two coats and the base came out well, and plenty of glitter came out.  It did not spread super evenly, but after the second coat, it evened out.  I did notice that the glitter sat on top of the base rather than suspended in it.  A top coat of Gelous and Seche Vite smoothed everything right out.

Enthralled is the cream of the Superficially Colorful crop.  It is a rust-red when warm and darkens to a reddish brown when cold.  It has a shimmer that is hard to define-maybe a gold/rust/brown/red??? 
Application on Enthralled was flawless-I mean perfect consistency. I used three thin coats.  The thermal is obvious as is the shimmer. 
The shimmer is insane!
Impulsive is a bright 7-Up green when cold and a lime green when warm.  It has a great gold shimmer which is evident close-up on the nail.  This was actually the first one I took pictures of and I was still trying to figure out how to take pictures, so here it is when cold...
Here it is when warm...
Out in the sun...
I used two coats and had great application!  

Parting Thoughts: Of all the polishes in all three posts, my top favorites are Enthralled, Meditative, Giggly, Daring and Provocative!  Okay, I loved so many!  Don't forget that these dry matte, but I top coated all of them.  I also found the brushes hard to work with, but found out that Jin has changed her bottles and brushes to better ones already!

Price:  $9


Instagram @jinjit
*These products were provided as a gift. All opinions are my own*


cynthia decker said...

These are gorgeous polishes! Your manis & photos are amazing, based on your review I will be getting these!

Jennifer Tesauro said...

WOW thee are gorgeous! I especially love Meditative!