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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flashback to Nailventurous

~Nailventurous Lacquers~

Two years ago, I met a wonderful lady named Amy from the popular blog, I'm Feeling Nailventurous.  She was making polish for fun and I convinced her to swap me for her pretties.  We even became friends and after she opened her shop, I bought even more of her polishes.  Sadly (for the polish community,) Amy decided that making polish to sell just wasn't for her and she stopped selling.  I am so very grateful that I do have the ones that I have and I decided to wear a few of them again.  

The Shimmer Effect was a newer polish she made.  It is a purple base with green, gold and other glitters along with a fantastic shimmer!
I reviewed it for the first time HERE
Look at that!  I love her creativity!
Swamp Princess was actually one that I bought long after Amy closed shop. I didn't like greens at the time, but do now!  This was a two coater and went on so smoothly. It is a green jelly base that allows the glitter to peek through.

I love the large glitter mixed with the smaller glitter. 
Spring is upon us and Robin Laid an Egg is perfect for Easter!  This was actually the very first polish I ever reviewed!  I had about 80 followers, no watermark, and bad cuticles. I was shocked and thrilled when Amy asked me to review it. 
I used two coats this time around and it was flawless.  I love the Easter colors in this polish and the base isn't stark white, but a softer cream.  

Parting Thoughts:  I miss the days when Nailventurous Lacquers was making polish. She was on the cutting edge of creativity and every bottle was a work of art.  I have yet to find anyone with such a genius eye for color.

Price: These can only be found in blog sales and so price is subjective.

Nailventurous Lacquers is no longer selling or making polishes.


*These products were purchased by me (except one.) All opinions are my own*


cynthia decker said...

Your manis & photos are fabulous! It is a shame she quit making polishes, these are all wonderful!

Jennifer Tesauro said...

So pretty! Wish she was still making polish!