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Monday, March 3, 2014

Glitterfied Nails Spring Floral Collection 2014



It's been awhile since I have shared new indies and I am excited to be getting back in the swing of all things indie!  Tonight, I am going to show you the Spring Floral Collection from Glitterfied Nails.  Let me start with my favorite!

Grape Hyacinth is described as "A multitude of micro-fine and fine purple and dark lavender glitters create a base accented with lavender dots, purple iridescent flakes and 3 different pinks."
I used one coat over Sinful Colors Mint Apple. It went on flawlessly.  I had no issues, the glitter came out evenly and spread really well over my entire nail.    
Does this not scream spring, or what?!
Forget Me Not is described as "A shimmery glitter nail polish in beautiful shades of light blue, baby blue, aquamarine and accented with iridescent glitters."
This one was so blingy, I couldn't get my camera to focus properly!  I used one coat over SoFlaJo Black Dagger and it went on flawlessly as well. 

Now for my other favorite in the collection.  Tulip Fields is described as "Inspired by a never-ending sea of variegated tulips swaying in the breeze, wrapped in bright green stems and leaves."
Matte glitter!  I really like the look of matte glitter and I knew immediately what to pair this with-Milani Power Periwinkle.  I used 1-2 coats over the base and I did not need to dab any glitter AT ALL.  I was pretty impressed actually.  
How absolutely adorable is this?
Next, we have Baby's Breath.  Baby's Breath is described as "Baby Blue Pink, a real pastel beauty. A pearly white base loaded with baby blue and baby pink hexes."
I used two coats and had no issues-other than the fact that I am not a fan of pearlescent polishes and pastels and whites hate me.  Other than my own personal preferences, this polish went on easily and I had no issues with application.

Okay, so this one isn't part of the Spring Collection, but it would certainly fit right in.  Golden Aquamarine is describes as "A shimmery nail polish in beautiful aquamarine with a golden shimmer."
Like the rest, this one was only two coats.  I had no issues and it went on easily.  I love the golden shimmer in it!

The last of the Spring Floral Collection is Pink Carnation.  It is described as " Pale Pink Cotton Candy Rose Holographic Iridescent Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer. Pale cotton candy pink plays against rose holographic and accented with iridescent squares."
I layered this over Golden Aquamarine.  I only needed one coat and I had no issues.  I love the way the pink plays off of the aqua blue!

Parting Thoughts: Glitterfied Nails has a great thing going for her-consistency.  Every single polish I reviewed had the same consistency and not one had issues.  That is an impressive feat to accomplish, especially, since well-known brands still have a hard time doing those very things.  My favorite was Tulip Fields.

Price: $8.75 each


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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

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Marnie said...

What a great new collection. Excellent find and your nails look fabulous!