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Sunday, March 9, 2014

KB Shimmer Partial Spring Collection 2014 and Bonus Nail Art!


With the crazy winter that most of the country has had, I am sure we are all really excited about spring!  Well , with spring always comes some very exciting collections from amazing indie makers!  Today, I am excited to show you a first look at KB Shimmer's partial spring collection.  First of all, there are SIXTEEN new polishes in this collection.  There will be eight in the Spring 2014 Cream Collection and eight in the Spring 2014 Glitter Collection.

Full Bloom Ahead: "This white based polish is loaded with small, medium and large hex glitters in fuchsia, navy, teal, gold and orange; colors reminiscent of those floral tones that signal spring is near. Best in 3 Coats."
I used three coats and there was plenty of glitter to go around!  I do love when glitter comes out this effortlessly. It makes me realize how it SHOULD be. I only needed the third coat to ensure opacity with the white.  You may be able to get away with two.
I love macros of glitters. It really shows you-in detail-what you are getting!
Chick Me Out: "This bright yellow cream is the ideal shade to welcome warmer weather. Full coverage in two coats, I love this under Rush Flower Traffic."
I used 2-3 coats for Chick Me Out. It was your typical yellow in that it was somewhat streaky and so that third coat was for an occasional bald spot.  I love how vivid and bright this yellow is!

Rush Flower Traffic: "A metallic glitter top coat with fuchsia, gold, green, sapphire, and aqua glitters in hex and dot glitters fill this polish. Ideal as 1 coat over our Chick Me Out or Honeydew List creams, this topper can be worn over so many colors!"
I used one coat over Chick Me Out.  I had no issues at all. All of the glitter laid flat and spread evenly.  I got quite a bit of glitter in one coat. 

Daisy About You: "A pale green creally, this spring polish features neon green hex glitters swimming among purple and lavender hexes and a scattering of lavender daisy glitters. Best in 3 Coats."
I used two coats and most of the glitter came out easily.  There are flowers in this polish and I needed to fish for those.
I love this minty green!
Life Rose On "This vivid cerise polish has blue undertones, making it
wearable for many skin tones. Pair this with your favorite glitter topper or use in stamping for a girly manicure. "
This was my favorite!  I used only 1-2 coats! It was very opaque and the color is fantastic! 

Well, yesterday I was bored and wanted to do some nail art, and I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder how the KB Shimmer creams hold up for nail art?"  So I decided to do a gradient with them.  I will say that I did the gradient the way that Sheila from Pointless Cafe does them.  She puts the lighter colored base coat on first and then sponges on the tips.  IT helped me immensely with not having to clean a color out of my cuticles. So I put on two coats of Chick Me Out and then I sponged on Life Rose On.  Life Rose On is so opaque that it didn't take long to get the gradient. I also put on one coat of Rush Flower Traffic on my ring finger.
 On my other hand I tried water marbling a couple of times, but Chick Me Out didn't work well for that. (Life Rose On would have looked great though.)  I decided to do some stamping.  Chick Me Out wasn't opaque enough for stamping, but Life Rose On was amazing!  I used a stamping plate from Vivid Lacquer.  
Parting Thoughts: In typical KB Shimmer style, I had no issues with any of the polishes other than Chick Me Out possibly needing a third coat. The very clear winner for me was Life Rose On and I can not wait to try all of the other creams in the collection! If you check my Instagram, you will see that my readers favored Full Bloom Ahead with Life Rose On coming in a close second.

Price: $8.75 each
eams: $7.50

International sales: Harlow and Co.

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

Stunning Michelle! You showed these beautifully!

the mercurial magpie said...

The more I see rush flower traffic the more I want it...

Jennifer Tesauro said...

I'm a sucker for yellow and the one from this collection looks perfect! I love the sunset gradient you did!