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Monday, March 17, 2014

Liquidus Nail Gloss Spring Line 2014!


Launching today!
Have you bought anything from Liquidus Nail Gloss yet?  If you have not, you are missing out.  Danielle, from Liquidus Nail Gloss, is an avid collector of  gemstones and so all of her polices are named after these natural beauties.  I have had an ongoing email relationship now for quite awhile and when I opened up my review package, I was tickled!  She included doggy treats for Sierra!  That has never happened before and I won't soon forget it. 
Something you should know about Liquidus Nail Gloss is that she is very eco-conscious. This new card came in the package with me.  It explains how important it is for Liquidus to be earth friendly and environmentally sustainable.
My polishes even came wrapped in recycled paper and tied with string.  If the environment is important to you, you should definitely support this indie brand.
Morganite: Inspired by the soft pinks of the mineral, Morganite, this polish is a milky light pink with a touch of shimmer. 
I used 2-3 coats and it was almost flawless. Like any milky polish, it had minor streaks that needed to be smoothed over.  The shimmer is a great bonus.  For the record, this went on easier than any other milky polish I have ever tried on.

Rose Quartz: Inspired by the sparkly gleam of the mineral, Rose Quartz, this polish is a bright pink micro glitter in a clear base. 
I used one coat on my ring finger and then I did a gradient on the rest of my nails over Morganite.  This is a very packed glitter polish! I had zero issues with it.  I am even going to go so far as to say that I was never a fan of these types of glitters, but having done this gradient, I now see a great use for them!

Rose Quartz jelly sandwich and gradient:  I decided to do a layering mani with Peridot and Rose Quartz.  I did a layer of each one about three times each, but I just dabbed on Rose Quartz as it was really glitter happy.  I then did a gradient on the tips with Rose Quartz.  
Hopefully, that made sense to you.  Here are some other pictures to show you the two techniques I did.
You can see the layering effects at the far end of my nail and the gradient on the front end. 
Peridot: Inspired by the bright yellow-green mineral, Peridot, this polish is a lovely neon green jelly that plays well with glitter of any color.
Okay, well I don't consider this a neon by any means, but it is a fantastic jelly-great for layering.  I used 4-5 coats for these pictures. I had no issues and it layered well and has that great squishy look.

Parting Thoughts: Liquidus keeps flying under the radar, but if you have tried her polishes, you KNOW the quality is there and it is consistent.  She may not come out with quantities, but when she does launch new polishes, the quality is outstanding.  I highly recommend supporting this passionate indie maker. The Spring line is available TODAY!

Price: $9 full size  $6 mini
Discount Code:  TILATM10OFF  gets you 10% off for two weeks!



*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


Kelly Ruiz said...

I love what you did with these! And it's awesome that she sent treats for Sierra!

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Morganite is beautiful! And Peridot looks like the perfect jelly for a sandwich!