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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maya Cosmetics "Sprummer" Releases



Maya Cosmetics will release their "Sprummer" Collection today!  While the colors aren't all the typical spring or summer colors, they are a wide range of colors and finishes.  Application was exactly what I have come to expect from Maya Cosmetics, and instead of repeating myself for each polish, I will just tell you once-Application was great and the base is on the thinner side allowing for easy application and thinner coats.   I used two coats for all polishes except one.

Zazzy:  An orchid foil with microfine holographic glitter.  
This subdued orchid foil is easy on the eyes and the holo scattered sparkle is great in the sun.

Ethereal:  golden base with peachy-gold sheen and a scattered holo finish
This reminds me of beach sand!  I totally think summer with this on. I love the scattered subtle holo and was surprised that it only took two coats for opacity.

Beyond the Pale:  coral orange jelly base with pink and peach micro flakes 
Another summer reminder here!  I love corals.  It is hard for me to find a coral that looks great on, but this one does!  The flakies add that special unique touch.

Beach Baby: full-coverage glitter blend of bronze, sand, pink, and orange glitters in a shimmery bronze base.
Beach Baby might not seem like a summer polish at first, but this glitter bomb looks like beach sand! Maya Cosmetics does many polishes really well, but she OWNS it when it comes to micro glitter bombs.  Application was perfect and opaque.

Bittersweet Symphony:  gunmetal, periwinkle, and white glitter with flashes of fuchsia glitter and violet-blue-pink micro flakes in a sheer dark gray base. this one is a One Batch Wonder, very limited quantities!
I'm not completely sure how this fits into a spring/summer collection, but who cares?!  It is a gorgeous blue/purple micro glitter bomb which had perfect application!

A Different Kind of Buzz:  royal purple jelly with multiple colors of micro flakes
This purple concoction is my favorite of the collection.  Again, I am not sure how it fits in with spring or summer, but I love the deep purple and the flakes!

Crush V2:  teal blue jelly base with multiple colors of micro flakes
Crush V. 2 is a teal based jelly and I did have to use three coats. 

In case you wonder about the difference between Crush and Crush V 2, Crush is on the left and Crush V 2 is on the right.  Crush is more blue based with smaller flakes.  Crush V 2 is teal based and the flakes are larger.  Crush was two coats and Crush V 2 was three.
Parting Thoughts: All polishes went on in incredibly well. The polishes are on the thinner side in typical Maya fashion, unlike many indies who run thicker.  While I did question why a few were in the spring/summer collection, I am thrilled that they made it in!  My favorites were A Different Kind of Buzz and Beyond the Pale.

Price: $9.50

Also check out her clearance section! 


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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

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Jennifer Tesauro said...

They are all so pretty! I really love Beach Baby!