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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail Review


~TRIND Perfect Nail And Cuticle Kit~

I am pretty excited to show you my first ever nail care review!  I have been nail blogging for over two years now, but I have always struggled with my nails splitting and cracking and my cuticles being flaky and rough.  Fo the last month, I have been using Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail along with Trind Hand Repair.  

Trind Cosmetics is Europe's most trusted name in nail care, and recently I learned that my friend, Lisa over at Cosmetic Sanctuary, swore by their nail care products.  I was pretty excited  when I was able to review the very products I had heard so much about. 

I have been using the Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail Kit for the past month.  It consists of Cuticle Balsam, Nail Balsam, and Nail Repair.  Instructions say to use all three of these products every day for two weeks and then once a week thereafter. 

I also was given the Hand Repair.  While I have no photos of how this worked, I will just tell you my thoughts on it.  it has a very mild flower-type scent.  It is not greasy or oily in any way and felt great on my hands. I did not see any results with my naked eye after a month of use, but I did enjoy it.
Before  I go into depth on my experience with Trind, I want to show you the overall results.  Here is my before and after using Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail.
Quite a difference, don't you think? 
RIGHT HAND (Non-swatching hand):  Here you can see the changes my nails went through over the weeks. I had a few cracks and breaks that first week that I think was "leftover" from the damage and dryness my nails had gone through beforehand. I will say that I felt a huge difference after two days of using the nail balsam.  My nails were FLEXIBLE!  I had never known that feeling before!  Before using Trind, I had breaks and vertical cracks DAILY.  The first week of use, I had three. and the second week, I had one.  The third week, I had a break that was the fault of some galvanized pipe I was wrestling at work.  That's why you will see that my middle finger is shorter than it was before. I can  not begin to tell you how many times I should have broken or torn a fingernail and did not because my nails were now flexible and were not dry!  
Here is the end result after one month of use!  My nails are healthy and strong and flexible!
LEFT HAND (swatching hand):  You may not be able to see a whole lot of difference here, but I can tell you that I felt it!  The simple fact that my nails did not break or crack for one month is astounding!  (I did have a vertical crack Day 14 and a crack on Day 28.)  That is very minor considering it was happening daily to my nails before using Trind.  I will say that the Cuticle Balsam is not enough to keep your cuticles moisturized throughout the day. I had to use other cuticle oils to keep them well moisturized.
Day 28:  You will see that my nails are very long here and sadly, that morning, I got a break on my ring finger.  I did want to show you what they had been looking like up until that point.
After cutting down my ring finger, here is the end result!  
Parting Thoughts: I am so happy to have been able to try this for myself.  I did not realize my nails needed a special moisture to penetrate the nail bed and keep them healthy.  I will continue to use the Nail Balsam and Nail Repair as I see it is pertinent to keeping my nails long and healthy. I will use the Cuticle Balsam along with other cuticle creams throughout the day. This set is well worth the money. I also suggest reading their website about nail care. There is a lot of knowledge on there and I learned so much about nail care that I did not know!

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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


Smashley Dawn said...

Great review, I love Trind products too! I've been slacking on using my base coat lately and I can totally tell the difference in my nail quality.

Christina from Adventures in Polishland said...

Wow! Not only do these products look amazing, but I am really impressed with you testing them out for so long! Great review!

Kristine said...

Looks awesome! I might need to try this!

Cosmetic Sanctuary said...

I am so glad you finally got to try this and had fantastic results like I did!!

Sally Morgan said...

Woah! Something that actually works. I think I need this!

Girly Bits said...

Great review! Thanks for all the info. If I am ever going to get rid of my gels, I will need something like this as well.

Michelle Rouhier said...

I am actually just starting to test out a kit from them that is for people who need help healing from artificial nails!

Kelly Ruiz said...

Oh, this sounds perfect! I have tried a couple of their products and love them. You make me want more!

Jen said...

Wonderful review!! And your nails look SO great!! :)

BKD Signature said...

Thank you for your review! I've been debating about what to get because mine have been breaking due to stress. Good stuff to know here!

loveforlacquer said...

Your nails look amazing!! I LOVE the Trind system!!!

Scottish Lass said...

Great review!

paintednailsandbakingscales said...

I've never tried Trind before and I really do need to do something about my nails. I will definitely be checking this out - great review and I think the results speak for themselves

cynthia decker said...

I am so happy to see such a thorough & detailed review of this product! Based on your opinion I will certainly give this a try now!