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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holo Comparison Post of All My Holos!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to rid myself of any holo dupes-or similar color shades.  See, I had gone on a crazy holo buying spree and noticed that a lot of my bottles looked the same or similar.  I am not a hoarder by nature, and my first instinct was to downsize.  So I decided to swatch the polishes that I had that might look close to each other.  Thee photos were for my own use and were not intended for my blog, so please forgive the poorer quality than I would normally have.  It wasn't until after I had started that I thought I should share it with all of you!
I have this done a different way than most.  The first picture will show the different brands in that shade, and the second picture will show the bottles I used with the names of the polish.  So let's get on with it!

The black/grays: I thought I was swatching my black holos when I first started, but quickly realized that only one was actually black!
 From L-R: A England Bridal Veil, Picture Polish Sassy Shelly's Badass, Aqua Daisy Fuel Spill, Color Club Revvvolution, and A England Fated Prince.
Bridal Veil was almost a one coater, but it didn't have the more obvious linear holo I was after. I was also shocked that this was the only black holo I owned! WHAT?!  
As far as the darker grays go, what differentiates PP Badass from the other three is the blue and pink flecks in it.  Fuel Spill by Aqua Daisy was one coat and a more subtle holo, CC Revvvolution was a one coater with a gorgeous linear holo, and Fated Prince had a more obvious brown tint too it. 

Lighter grays:  Maybe Ascalon should be in the above group?  Who knows. 
L to R: A England Ascalon, Girly Bits D!ck in a Box, Mod Lacquer Luminidust LE
All three of these had fantastic application.  Mod Lacquer Luminidust was the only pure light gray.  Girly Bits D!ck in a Box has a great green tone to it, and A England Ascalon had a purple tone to it. All keepers. :)
The Pinks: What type of polish enthusiast am I if I only own three pink holos?? Me thinks I need more not less. 
Top to Bottom:  Girly Bits Bird is the Word, Colors by Llarowe Orchids are Better Than Roses Any Day (OABTRAD), Smitten Polish Be Mine.
All three polishes had flawless application.  Smitten Polish Be Mine has the most obvious linear holo and was also the closest to neon.  Girly Bits had a scattered holo and CbL leaned a bit more fuchsia.  As far as application goes, I think it depends on how many coats you prefer: CbL was slightly thicker but only one coat.  Girly Bits and Smitten Polish were thinner but 2-3 coats.
The Greens: Well there's obviously no dupes here-not even anything similar. But let's look anyways!
L-R (starting with thumb): Smitten Polish Electric Lime, Girly Bits What the Deuce?, Colors By llarowe Army of One, A England Dragon, Nubar Reclaim.
Right off the bat, you can see that none are even remotely close.  Smitten is a neon lime green (three coats and VNL), Girly Bits is a perfect grassy green, CbL is a close one coater, and Reclaim is just.... perfection.
The...Browns/Neutrals:  I don't own much of either, so I lumped them together.  
T to B: A England Briarwood, Elevation Polish Aiguilles d'Arves, Girly Bits Giggity, Giggiy, Goo. 
The A England had fantastic application-very opaque and vivid in color.  Elevation Polish is more of a jelly holo and was only two coats. Girly Bits was also two coats and a gorgeous champagne color.
Dark greens: Who knew I had so many greens?!  I used to hate green polish!  
L-R: Paintbox Polish Slightly Unstable, Maya Cosmetics Nefarious Aquarius, A England St George, Colors by Llarowe Lizards and Gizzards.
Paintbox Polish is nothing like the others.  It is actually a duo chrome with scattered holo and changes from green to brown.  Maya Cosmetics has a very subtle holo and is slightly lighter in color.  St. George and Gizzards and Lizards were the closest to each other but still not dupes.  Both were close to one coat and very saturated.
Teals: Oddly, all three teals are Colors by Llarowe.  Do no other indie brands make a teal holo?? :)
T-B: Young Turks, Good Fortune, Thriller.
Thriller was the polish that got me hooked on CbL.  It also happens to be the one with the least amount of holo.  It also leans a bit more green.  Young Turks and Good Fortune are extremely close, although Good Fortune leans just a bit darker.  All were one coat.
The Blues, Pt. 1: I had a ton of blues, so they are separated into different groupings!
L-R: Girly Bits Bachelor's Button, Elevation Polish SBP Sea of Okhotsk, Maya Cosmetics Graceless Lady, Colors by Llarowe Piece of Me.
First of all... DROOL. None of these are the same, but aren't they purdy? Girly Bits Bachelor's Button was the truest periwinkle. Maya Cosmetics and CbL leaned the most gray, while Maya's was a more subtle holo (like a lot hers are.) The Elevation SBP? Just...WOW.
The Blues, Part 2:  Apparently I really like dark blue holos?!
L-R (starting with thumb):  A England Tristam, CbL House of Blues, CbL Smooth Criminal, CbL In the Navy, Ninja Polish Glamorous. 
Every last one of these had fantastic application and was opaque.  All but Tristam only needed one coat. Tristam leaned more midnight blue, while House of Blues and Smooth Criminal were a brighter blue. In the Navy and Glamorous were the closest to being dupes of each other, but I kept them both. :)
Blues Part 3:  I noticed in my pile of blues that I couldn't tell these apart in the bottle AT ALL. So I gave them their own swatch.
L-R:  CbL Addicts Blue Me Away, CbL Deanna, It's Blue, and Elevation Polish Darkest Night.
What you can't tell from the above picture is that Elevation Polish Darkest Night leans more blue in the base than the other two-which are straight up dupes of each other. However, when you are out in the sun, all three look exactly alike. The two CbL's were slightly thicker and one coat.  The Elevation was thinner than the CbL and two coats. 
The purples: Being that I thought purples were my favorite, I expected to have a lot of them. NO. My blues beat out my purples!  (Only by one though.)
L-R (starting with thumb): Glitter Gal Crushed Ego, CbL Feelings Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, A England Lady of the Lake, Aqua Daisy Shazaam, Color Club Wild at Heart.  
So here are my own thoughts on these:  My issue with Glitter Gal is the holo-while linear-seems to dull in the center. It does that with all of my GG. For that reason, I am not a huge fan.  Between Lady of the Lake and Feelings, I prefer Feelings because of the gorgeous linear holo and the great bend in that holo. Plus application of CbL's is fantastic.  As far as the Shazaam and the Color Club Wild at Heart, CC beats out Shazaam because the holo is so fantastic!  They were both one coat and both dried quickly.  It takes a lot for me to love a store bought brand more than an indie, but both of my Color Club holos did that. 
The Berries: I love me some berry colored polishes!  
L-R (starting with pinkie): Elevation Polish Haleakala, CbL Addicts Attack, Elevation Polish Sample AWZ #15, CbL Unorthodox Annie, A England Sleeping Palace.
Honestly?  I only got rid of one of these beauties! While I do love my CbL's, Addicts Attack did not excite me as much as Haleakala.  I adore my two Elevations.  Unorthodox Annie is unlike any other polish in my collection and I love the base color of it.  And what is that A England doing in this mix, you ask?  Sleeping Palace defies description. It didn't fit in with the browns, the grays, the nudes, or the berries.  It is in a class all its own.
The Lavenders:  Who doesn't love a soft lavender holo?
T-B: CbL Paper Moon, Girly Bits Twitterpated, Mod Lacquer Dreamland, Elevation Polish Echinops.
I'll be completely honest with you. This color palette doesn't make me weak in the knees. I kept two out of the four. Paper Moon was a no brainer. I need to have that strong linear holo in my life!  I also love all my Elevations and kept Echinops.  All four of these polishes had fantastic application though!
The Reds:  I am not a huge red fan, so I was a little surprised that I had five holo reds!  
T-B (starting with thumb): Smitten Polish I Never Drink...Wine, Smitten Polish The Red Lobster, Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron, Mod Lacquer Cherry Fizz, A England Rose Bower.
Smitten Polish I Never Drink...Wine is much darker than the others and the holo was very subtle. The other four were a bit closer in color though.  Smitten The Red Lobster had the best linear holo.  CbL and A England had the least amount of holo.  Mod Lacquer had a glitter holo.  All had great application.
Parting Thoughts:  You can see that I can't even come close to showing you what is out there. These are just a few holos I had bought because I liked them.
Here's my summary of what I found about these brands and their holos:
Girly Bits needed 2-3 coats. Application on hers was perfection.  Her holos always seem to focus on the base color first and then the holo is secondary.  This makes for amazing colors that look great in the shade as well as the sun.They usually have an added touch of sparkle as well.
Colors By Llarowe were almost always one coaters or close to it. For that reason, her formula is thicker.  Most of hers are linear holos; but be careful as a few of hers are duped of something she already made.
A England has a buttery application.  All are very high quality.  They do make some linear polishes, but most are the subtle scattered holos.
 Elevation Polish makes a wide range of holos.  From jelly holos, to linear to subtle, she shows a wide range of abilities.  All have perfect application.
Mod Lacquer is pretty under the radar.  Her holos are all subtle holos that use holo glitter.  However, she is coming out with some linear holos that are blowing my mind. Check them out on IG or her Facebook page.
Maya Cosmetics makes subtle scattered holos.  She focuses more on the base color and then the holo.
Smitten Polish holos are 2-3 coaters.  It's not my preferred way of putting on a holo, but her holos are so bright and edgy and linear that I have to have the ones that fall in that category.


Gosia said...

bless your heart for doing this!! i will be downsizing also, based on your comparisons!!

Girly Bits said...

Great post!! Love all the comparisons, especially with so many amazing holos out there right now.
Excuse me while I got grab a drool cloth.