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Friday, April 18, 2014

MIlani Lip Intense Liquid Color 2014 Swatch and Review


I hope you all are ready. I am about to put my lips on the blog and I am unsure as to whether or not they look acceptable. BUT, I was so excited to try out these amazing Milani  Lip Colors, I had to share them!  Ever since Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary turned me on to Milani lippies, I have been hooked!  
I needed a pick me up and I bought three of the four Lip Intense Lip Colors, two blushes and two Power Lippies.  
Here are the three lip colors swatched on my hand.  They are very saturated with color and glide on smoothly.  
Pink Rave #02 is a bright pink creamy lip color. It glided on smoothly and the applicator was easy to use. It is a sponge type of brush that grabs the color from within the tube.  All three colors stayed on for about 4-6 hours of wear. Even when the creaminess faded away, there was still a nice lip stain.
Red Extreme #01 is a vibrant fire engine red. It does not lean orange in any way, which is perfect for me!  It is also very saturated and easy to use.
Violet Addict #04 is more purple toned pink. This was my favorite of the three, even though I loved them all! 
Parting Thoughts: I love all the lip colors that Milani produces and these are at the top of that list!  I loved all three and will probably buy that fourth one that was sold out when I went to Walgreens. 

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*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*


Arathael said...

I think the pix turned out great! It's more saturated color than I would wear, but I love Milani.

Scottish Lass said...

Awesome job! Great photos and review. ♥ said...

these colors are so cool!!!

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Kristine said...

Great pics and review! I bought one of these last weekend and love it.

Kim said...

Great pictures!!! And great review! I really really want all of this lippies!!

the mercurial magpie said...

These are so bright, I love it!