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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

OPI Neons 2014 Swatches and Review


I am so excited because I happened upon the brand spanking new OPI Neon Collection today!  
 I have to say that some surprised me and a couple disappointed me.  What I loved though, is that they were all worth the money.  I did not use any white base coat in any pictures. These polishes are all on their own with no base coat.
There are six neons in the collection, and I was impressed by the versatility-some dry matte, a couple have shimmer, and a couple are jelly, while one is a straight cream.  
opi neons 2014
Juice Bar Hopping is an in-your-face neon orange.  I believe it is a jelly.
I used two coats and had no issues at all.  It dries somewhat satiny and is very squishy!  

You Are So Outta Lime! is a soft lime green cream.
I used 2-3 coats and it was a little streaky here and there.  It did level out though.  This was also the least neon of the bunch, but still a beautiful color.

Down To the Core-al is a pink leaning coral with a slight coral shimmer.  
I got an unexpected surprise when I saw that this dried to a matte finish.  I needed to use three coats, because the matte showed streaks in it and it didn't self level.  You can see that if you zoom on the pictures.

When you put top coat on Down to the Core-al, the streaks and self leveling issues disappear! 
The shimmer is much more pronounced and gives a nice pink sheen.

Life Gave Me Lemons is a yellow cream with a tiny amount of shimmer that gets lost on the nail.
I used 2-3 coats and had very minor streaking-maybe one nail out of four.  I love the lemony color of this! I noticed that it dries to a satiny finish. 

Hotter Than You Pink is a bright neon pink with violet shimmer. 
I used two coats and it dries to a matte finish.  There was minor streaking, but not as bad as Down to the Core-al.  I don't even think you can see it in the photos.  The violet shimmer is so intense and that is without top coat!

I had to top coat Hotter Than You Pink and WOW!  The shimmer intensified even more and made the minor streaks disappear. 

Check out the shimmer!
Lastly, and my favorite of the bunch is Push and Pur-pull.  I need to first tell you that these pictures are NOT color accurate.  They are pulling more purple and darker than this polish was.  This is a jelly like formula that is a magenta or berry color.
I used three coats and this one was pretty streaky.  NO matter. I fell deeply in love with the color!  

Parting Thoughts:  While I was a bit disappointed that there was a lot of streakiness and having to use three coats at times, this collection is very worth it!  With top coat, I think they are all winners.  My surprise favorite was Juice Bar Hopping, but really I loved them all!  Stay tuned for nail art on my Instagram account using these throughout the week.

Price:  $9

Where to buy: any beauty supply or retailer.

*These products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own*


Ashley Haddock said...

Wow, these are gorgeous!! So happy they didn't need to be layered!

Jennifer Tesauro said...

Loving these colors! I think I need them all!

behappyandbuypolish said...

Yup, I love all these colors, but especially that lime!!

Emily Draher said...

So so so pretty!! Great swatches...can't wait to get my hands on these :)

Liz Krusenstjerna said...

Juicer Bar Hopping looks DELICIOUS, and I'm loving the shimmer in Hotter Thank You Pink. Great swatches and photos, your macro shots are just awesome!