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Monday, June 30, 2014




Milani has gone and done it again.  Consistently pushing the envelope in the nail polish industry, they have done the same with the new Bella Blue Limited Edition, which consists of a nail polish, a lipstick, and three mascaras.

Milani Gold Label Nail Lacquer in Bella Blue is a multi-chrome with a blackened base that shifts from blue to green to purple.  I used two coats for opacity and true to Milani standards, it applied flawlessly.
I was able to easily capture the blue and green color shifts, but the purple was subtle and only flickered in and out from the edges of the polish.

Milani Lip Art in Bella Blue is supposed to be a saturated lip color with a matte finish.  
The tube is different than the usual core lipsticks from Milani. This one is see through.
I swatched it on my skin. This is one swipe.
These photos are untouched, so what you see is what you get. I used several layers of Bella Blue to get it this opaque.  As you can see, it is still not opaque and it shows off every imperfection in my lips.  
While I applaud Milani on making beauty products that are out of the box, I am not sure this one lives up to the Milani name.  I do not see how this is a matte finish. To me, it is more metallic.  I also am unsure of wear time as I only wore it long enough to swatch it, but in that time, it was already settling into my lip lines.  Ordinarily, I am a huge fan of Milani's lip products as that is what I wear for my day-to-day lips; but this one missed the mark.
Milani Lash Art Colored Mascaras come in a fun clear with gold packaging.  
Mediterranean Blue is a vivid aqua blue.
I used two coats and found it to be nicely buildable.  There was no clumping and it lengthened nicely.
milani le
Azure is a deeper blue and was also buildable.  It applied great and I was impressed with them both. 
You can hardly tell the difference in the colors, but it is there. 
My favorite was Bella Blue.  I plan on wearing this one more often and it is a deeper royal blue.
While the others built up well, this one was even better!  It was flawless and lengthened my almost non-existent eye lashes fantastically!  
milani limited edition
Parting Thoughts:  I think this was mostly a hit with a minor miss.  I could definitely do without the lipstick.  However, the polish was flawless and I was happily surprised but all three mascaras!  I would probably never wear blue lipstick, but if I did, I would want it to look a lot better than this one did.

Polish-$4.99   Lipstick and mascaras-$3.99


This collection is available at select Walgreens, Kmart, and Fred Meyer stores this month.


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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

Sunday, June 29, 2014

KBShimmer Partial Late Summer Collection-Swatches and Review


First, let me apologize for having written KBShimmer's name wrong in all of my reviews!  I didn't realize it was all one word! KBShimmer has come out with a plethora of polishes this summer, beginning with some texture glitters and creams a few months ago, and now some creams, a holo, and some of her signature jelly glitters.   I have six of these to show you today.

Christy's descriptions are in italics...

"Radiant Orchid, 2014 color of the year, is the ideal shade to transition nails from spring to summer and even fall. This pink toned purple has fuchsia and mauve undertones. This color, based on the actual PMS, is as close as we could get to the perfect orchid shade."
I used two easy coats.  KBShimmer's creams are a must have for me. Not only are they great on their own, but they are fantastic for nail art!  
KBShimmer has also come out with some nail vinyls that are brand new to her shop as well!  I was given chevrons, zig-zags, stripes and stars to play with.  In case you are unfamiliar with nail vinyls, you put a base color on the nail first, and-once dry-lay the vinyls on the nail and paint another color over it.  While the polish is wet, lift the strips. Viola!  Fancy design and no mess! 
 I used Periwinkle In Time over Radiant Orchid with the zig-zag vinyls.  (You'll see that one later on in this post.)   I found the vinyls easy to use. They lay down easily and stick well. I suggest using tweezers to pick them up and put them on.  The nice thing about them is they stretch and move when pulling off and it made it easier for me to use than tape.
"You’re So Shellfish is a bold addition to our cream collection. This peachy orange is near neon in color, adding a punch of color to your summer pedicure."
Maybe this should have been named, "You're Shockingly Shellfish,"  because I was shocked by the neon properties of this one. My photos are in the shade and it was still very bold and beautiful.  This is my favorite of the bunch and a must have for every coral or neon lover. The only issue was that it did take three coats, because the first two were streaky.  
"I have a weakness for holographic glitters, and jelly finish polishes, and rainbows. I know, I have a lot of weaknesses. So when thinking I wanted a raspberry colored jelly for summer, I thought that nothing could make it better then loading it with holographic glitters! We added a rainbows worth of holo hexes and a scattering of holo squares. When this polish hits the light, the glitters just sparkle adding tons of depth to this jelly."
Look High and Holo is an intense jelly glitter holo with a raspberry base.  True to KBShimmer form, this jelly glitter went on flawlessly in two coats.  I used some striped nail vinyls on my ring finger as an accent along with KBShimmer's Pansy-moniuim.
You can really see the holo goodness in this macro shot!
"Periwinkle In Time might be my favorite polish from the summer collection. Inspired by blue hydrangea and periwinkle flowers, this soft cool blue has a purple undertone, making it the most perfect periwinkle color. Accented by silver holo and violet holo circle glitters and holo glitters in teal, violet, marine blue and silver and a micro holo shimmer, this light blurple polish is sure to please."
I have a soft spot for periwinkle colors and had to have this one as well. I used two flawless coats.  My favorite part of this one is the larger circles!

"Triangle Glitter!! Yes, I know, I was excited too. And what better to show off triangles then a watermelon colored polish. This pink polish with a coral undertone is the perfect summer shade. Peak My Interest features triangle glitters in white, pink and dark aqua. Hex glitters in periwinkle, white and dark aqua complete this polish."
Peak My Interest is a pretty glitter jelly that shows off the aqua and white glitter perfectly.  I didn't know how I would feel about triangle glitter, but when I put it on,  I was pleasantly surprised by it!  This was two easy coats and no issues.

I do have one more, but I am saving that one for 4th of July! 

Parting Thoughts: It's so comforting to know that when I buy polish from Christy, I am getting quality and consistency. Every polish is made well and with a lot of thought and creativity.   My favorites were You're So Shellfish and Look High and Holo.

Price: $8.75 each
Creams: $7.50

Nail vinyls sheets: $5

International sales: Harlow and Co.

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

Saturday, June 7, 2014

KB Shimmer Early Summer Collection-Creams and Textures 2014



Today, I have for you the creams and textures from the first part of KB Shimmer's Summer Collection.  I always get excited when she drops a new collection-theres always something for everyone, application is always on point, and I never know what she will come up with next!

Application was exactly the same for all the creams.  Consistency is so important and Christy seems to have nailed that aspect.  I used two coats for all three creams, I had no issues and they all applied flawlessly. 

Let’s Not Coral has become a fast favorite here at KB Shimmer. This light pinky coral color often seems to shift from pink to peach tones depending light and clothing colors.

This color is HOT for summer!  A pinky peach coral? Yes, please!  I did a little nail art on my ring finger. I dotted flowers with a white cream and KB Shimmer Low & Be Bold.

Right As Reign is a deep, bold purple with blue and indigo undertones.

These colors are notoriously impossible to photograph!  I took one photo in my light box (above) and one outdoors in the shade.  It is a glorious blurple cream that is one of my favorite shades in the rainbow.  I did a gradient with a white cream on my ring finger.
Low & Be Bold is a bright near cobalt, ultramarine and flow blue, with slightly more of a redish undertone.

Electric royal blue cream.   Need I say more?!  I love this color so much, I have it in about seven different brands!  
She Twerks Out is a bright turquoise textured polish with blue undertones undertones. It is loaded with holographic glitters in teal, lime green, aqua and violet.

I used two coats and application was flawless.  It dries to a matte finish and it dries quickly.  This is supposed to be a texture glitter polish, but in my opinion, it is not different than any other glitter jelly polish, other than it drying matte.  I do show it without top coat, because that is how it is supposed to be worn.  It does wear well without top coat, unlike any other glitter jelly polish.
This is a gorgeous mixture of teals and purples.
Too Pop To Handle is a bright neon purple textured polish with magenta undertones. It is loaded with holographic glitters in magenta, violet, aqua and pink.

All three of the texture glitters applied flawlessly.  All three dried quickly and dried matte.  

Partners In Lime is a bright lime textured polish with gold undertones undertones. It is loaded with holographic glitters in gold, lime green and aqua.
Again, flawless application and only two coats.   This is a gorgeous lime green!

Parting Thoughts: I am all in with KB Shimmer's creams. I can do nail art in any form with them and that is a sure-fire winner for me! As far as the glitter textures, I am not sure they are what I would call textures, but maybe matte glitters. They are all gorgeous and each has a pop of color that is pretty and application was flawless.

Price: $8.75 each
Creams: $7.50

International sales: Harlow and Co.


*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*