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Friday, July 18, 2014

Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer (Part 1 of 4): French Tips and Watermarbles



Milani has gone and done it again!  They have come out with an abundance of nail polishes that are right on target of what people like myself want!  They recently came out with THIRTY-SEVEN new nail polishes in a brand new round bottle.  Here is what Milani has to say about them...
"This is your time to shine, with nails that drop-dead dazzle. Our new lacquer – the richest, most color-saturated formula in our lineup - delivers on a long list of patent-pending promises: Exceptional gloss that actually lasts. Detergent and Chip-resistance. Maximum nail protection. In so many different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic. And so many different shades – 37 in total, from neutrals to full-on fashion hues. There’s even a mini set of shimmer and special effects options. Oh so much love with this great lacquer."

I am going to be dividing these up into four posts with roughly 9 polishes per post. Today, I want to show you what I call the "Frenchies" and then also a few others that I water marbled with.  
I noticed that there were three polishes that were designed for french tip manicures. There are still thousands of women that love the classic French Tip, so I decided to show them how they were meant to be used...

Mani #1:  I used 02 Frenchie Sheer for the base, 03 Lady-Like Sheer for the tip, and I stamped with 27 Ink Spot and dotted with 42 Iconic Red.
02 Frenchie Sheer went on really well.  I used two coats and was impressed by the shine and the natural, yet classy look it gave my nails.  I used two coats of 03 Lady-Like Sheer for the tip.  I did not like that I had to use two coats as I did these freehand and the second coat never seems to be in the same place as the first one! I did love the more natural tip; however, be sure you do not have stained nails like I do, or else they will show through.  27 Ink Spot stamped really well and I can not wait to use it for more stamping!  I  used Bundle Monster Plate #310.
In my picture, you will see that Milani has come out with a 01 Quick Dry Top Coat.  They need to eliminate the word "Quick" as it took 4 minutes before it was okay to be lightly touched.  Other than that issue, the top coat did well.  It went on not too thin and not thick.  It dread well and didn't streak my nail art too badly.  It also did not shrink the polish.
Mani #2:  I used the same base for this manicure.  02 Frenchie Sheer was the base and I used two coats.  This time I used 04 Vintage Lace Sheer for the tip.  It took two coats again for the tip, but this is closer to a soft white rather than the pink that the bottle color shows.  
I stamped hearts using the Vivid Lacquer stamping plate #009.  I used 34 Silhouette.  Sadly, it dried too quickly to be very good for stamping, but the color is stunning and I can't wait to use it again.
Again, I used the #01 Quick Dry Top Coat and while there was very minor streaking, I still like this top coat, despite the fact that it isn't quick dry.
Mani #3:  I decided to show you a swatch of these colors on one nail apiece and then water marble and hope that it turned out!  It did!  
These bright pastel creams seemed to scream to be put together!
I used two coats of 28 Spotlight White on my ring and middle fingers.  Once dried, I water marbled with great success with 28 Spotlight White, 06 Dollface, and 11 Imperial Purple.  
I then swatched 06 Dollface on my pinkie and 11 Imperial Purple on my index.  Both went on in two creamy coats.  They were all very easy to work with.  28 Spotlight White did streak on the first coat, but evened out on the second coat.
The Top Coat did streak my water marble a bit.  
Mani #4:  Once I started, I was on a water marble roll!  I took three new polishes and did the same look.

I swatched 38 Corrupt Coral on my index.  There was minor streaking on the first two coats and so I did a third.  24 Waterfront and 20 Tattle Teal were both two very easy and creamy coats.   This is exciting news as that means consistency is there!
I water marbled with all of the above polishes, and had no issues using them for marbling!  
I loved this mani so much, I am actually still wearing it!

Parting Thoughts:  If this is any indication of what the entire collection is about, then I am thrilled to own them all!  The creams were a joy to use and I had no issues with any.  The top coat had one flaw, but a few great points.  It is really going to be up to the individual as to whether or not it is right for you.  This is a great collection from Milani, and once again I am excited that they can be used for nail art!

Here are the links to the other colors in this vast collection:
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Part 3  Summer Brights and Spring Pastels
Part 4  Vampy, Neutrals, and Reds

$3.99 each


This collection is available at all participating retailers of Milani.

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Twitter- @milaniCosmetics

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


BKD Signature said...

Love the stamping and watermarbling you did!

Liz Krusenstjerna said...

Great comprehensive coverage on the products you tested. Well done!

Emily Draher said...

I love Milani....good, affordable cruelty-free drugstore beauty is my favorite! I love how you showcased these shades...great post!

cynthia decker said...

Your manis and photos are amazing! Your hard work has put these on my wish list!

LaraLeaf said...

Thank you so much for this post. I have been searching around me for these polishes but no luck so far. Hopefully, they will show up soon. Love your swatches, and those water marbles are fantastic. I especially love the pastels!