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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer (Part 2 of 4): Shimmers and Glitters



Tonight I bring you the 2nd post of four that will show you the 37 new polishes that Milani has come out with! 
  Here is what Milani has to say about them...
"This is your time to shine, with nails that drop-dead dazzle. Our new lacquer – the richest, most color-saturated formula in our lineup - delivers on a long list of patent-pending promises: Exceptional gloss that actually lasts. Detergent and Chip-resistance. Maximum nail protection. In so many different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic. And so many different shades – 37 in total, from neutrals to full-on fashion hues. There’s even a mini set of shimmer and special effects options. Oh so much love with this great lacquer."

I have decided to divide these up into four posts with roughly 9 polishes per post. Today, I want to show you the shimmers and the glitters.
The shimmers and the glitters seemed to really compliment each other and so I felt it was  a no-brainer to o it this way.

Mani #1:  52 Gold Plate is a soft golden metallic.
I used two easy coats and had no issues.
Mani #2:  I layered 50 Gilded Rocks over 52 Gold Plate.  Gilded Rocks is a glitter topper that has medium and small gold and rose colored glitter in a clear base. There is also a beautiful gold shimmer!
I only needed one coat over a base and had no issues.
Mani 3:  13 Ultra Violet made me gasp when I put it on!  It is a fuchsia with purple leanings and has a fantastic shimmer in it. 
I used two coats and had no issues.
Check out the beautiful shimmer in there!
Mani #4: I layered 51 Club Lights over 13 Ultra Violet.  I only needed one coat and it spread evenly over the base color.
Club Lights consists of soft pink and soft gold glitter in a clear base.  I had no issues with it at all.

The next set of four has two more favorites of mine in it! 

Mani #5: Here is the first pearlescent polish in the collection.  17 Lovely Amethyst is a lavender pearlescent polish.  
I used two coats and the issue I had with it is that it shows the streaking of the polish pretty obviously.  Otherwise, it is a pretty shade of lavender.

Mani #6:  I layered 49 Rainbow Prisms over Lovely Amethyst.  Like all the other glitters, I had no issues with it. I used one generous coat and it spread evenly and flat on the nail.  
Rainbow Prisms is a holographic glitter extravaganza!  It has micro and larger holo glitters in a clear base.

Mani #7:  14 Sugar Plum Amethyst is another gorgeous favorite of mine!  I mean LOOK AT IT!  I generally have trouble describing this type of color, but what you see is what you get!  It also has a slight purple shimmer!
I used two flawless coats.
There.  Look at that shimmer!
Mani 8:  01 Pearl-plexed Sheer is what I layered over Sugar Plum.  It is basically an opalescent sheer topcoat that you can use to add oomph to your manicure.  
I used one coat and had no issues.

Mani 8:  Oh yes!  Another unexpected favorite!  This craziness is called 53 Crimson Jewel. It is a red jelly glitter and Milani did a FANTASTIC job of this beauty!  They really need to do more of these.  I actually put this on and then refused to take it off.  Move over China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Milani has beaten you out as my new favorite red!
I used two coats and it dried quickly.  It is very top coat hungry, so I recommend using a coat of Gelous and a coat of top coat to smooth it out.
Bonus Pic:  You can better see the glitter floating around in the base here.
Make more of these, Milani!
Parting Thoughts: I found several in here that were my favorites!  I highly recommend buying 53 Crimson Jewel, 13 Ultra Violet, and 14 Sugar Plum Amethyst.  If you love glitter toppers all of the toppers here applied fantastically!

Here are the links to the other colors in this vast collection:
Part 1  French Tips and Watermarbles
Part 3  Summer Brights and Spring Pastels
Part 4  Vampy, Neutrals, and Reds

Price:  $3.99 each


This collection is available at all participating retailers of Milani.

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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


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My heavens! Your review is stellar and making me put several of these on my wish list!

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