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Monday, September 8, 2014

KBShimmer Partial Fall Collection 2014


~KBShimmer Partial Fall Collection 2014~

  I am so ready for fall colors and KBShimmer has some great ones coming out September 15th!  There are 9 colors in her fall line-up: 2 holos, 3 creams, 3 glitter jellies, 1 glitter topper and a re-release of Jack!  I look forward to Christy's new seasonal releases-she has the best creams out there for nail art.  Her glitter jellies are my favorite as well!
     Tonight, I have the three creams, Jack, and two other glitter jellies to show you.

How You Dune?-  "Like sands through the hourglass, this “greige” polish is a perfect blend of creamy beige and a light grey, offering full coverage in 1-2 coats."
Can I just say, "Wow?!"  I love grey creams and grey shimmers, and this one is no exception!  I used two smooth coats, and it is unique in that the beige undertones are certainly there!  I used KBShimmer's chevron nail vinyls on two fingers and the other fall cream, Stonewashed, as an accent.  These two colors were made for each other.
Hugs & Wishes-  "Lavender might not be a traditional fall color, but with lavender being paired with pumpkin in scents and food, this blue leaning pastel color is popping up all over. This light lavender cream offers full coverage in just two coats, and pairs well with Kiss & Spell."
I used two smooth coats of Hugs & Wishes.  I had no issues.  I thought it also paired well with Stonewashed, so I used KBShimmer nail vinyls on a vertical to get the striped effect.
Stonewashed "Jeans are a girl’s best friend, after diamond of course, and this dusty navy color is the perfect complement to denim. Applying Stonewashed is a breeze with 1-2 coat coverage."
So, I didn't do the typical nail swatch with Stonewashed. I decided to pair it up with KBShimmer You're So Shellfish.  While I didn't swatch Stonewashed in the typical fashion, it was very opaque. 
Flannel Surfing- "Like a well-loved pair of pajama pants, this faded blue polish is warmed with gray undertones. Pops of orange, aqua and teal glitters complete this polish. Best in 2-3 coats."
Oh how the description speaks to me!  There is nothing quite like having that favorite pair of flannels on a cold wintry morning, hot cocoa in hand, fire burning in the fireplace.  I used two flawless coats of Flannel Surfing.  I am always amazed when I use a KBShimmer glitter jelly.  They practically apply themselves and stand out from among the rest.
I love the orange pops against the muted blue.
Leaf of Faith-  "The crisp feel of the air, apple pies baking, trees showing off a kaleidoscope of reds, burgundies and gold, it is no wonder fall is my favorite season. Leaf Of Faith my homage to the glorious Sweetgums and Sugar Maples, and all the others trees that star in natures fall show. A deep Cabernet red jelly is the backdrop for glitters in red, orange and gold. The glitters in this polish add depth and interest with subtle changes in color as the jelly picks up the colors of the glitter. A scattering of holographic glitters gives this polish sparkle and shine."
I used two flawless coats of Leaf of Faith,  It is just the perfect fall red. 

Jack-  "Jack Is Back! This classic Halloween polish is back for a limited time. Jack is a black jelly with orange hex glitters, a scattering or orange micro slices and black hexes and shreds. 3 coats provides full coverage with tons of depth, or layer over black to make the orange really pop!"
I missed Jack the first time around, and was excited to be able to get it this time. I used two very easy coats.  I love the pop of orange against the black jelly.  This is the epitome of a Halloween polish!
You can't say no to this...
Parting Thoughts: Christy has made some excellent polishes for fall.  As I am a sucker for creams, my favorite was Stonewashed and How You Dune?  But I do not regret any and all applied flawlessly.  The Fall line-up is for sale on Sept. 15.

Price: $8.75 each
Creams: $7.50

Nail vinyls sheets: $5

International sales: Harlow and Co.

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


cynthia decker said...

These are all beautiful colors! I love your artwork, it is amazing!

Jin Jit said...

I am totally in love with your nail art on these. So perfect!!