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Monday, September 1, 2014

Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer (Part 4 of 4): Vampy, Neutrals, and Reds

The journey comes to an end as I finish my review of the 37 polishes in the new Milani collection.  Here is what Milani has to say about them...
"This is your time to shine, with nails that drop-dead dazzle. Our new lacquer – the richest, most color-saturated formula in our lineup - delivers on a long list of patent-pending promises: Exceptional gloss that actually lasts. Detergent and Chip-resistance. Maximum nail protection. In so many different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic. And so many different shades – 37 in total, from neutrals to full-on fashion hues. There’s even a mini set of shimmer and special effects options. Oh so much love with this great lacquer."

I divided these up into four posts with roughly 9 polishes per post. Today, is the 4th post of 4.  I want to show you what I called the vamps, the reds, and the neutrals.  

Mani 1: I love what I somehow managed to pull off here!  I used 27 Ink Spot as the base and it was a one coater!  It was creamy and easy to use and my favorite of the entire collection!  For the roses, I used 13 Ultra Violet and I used a green (non-Milani) for the leaves.

 Mani 2: For the base, I used 34 Charcoal Charm.  It is a metallic charcoal gray and I used two coats. There are very minor streaks as with most any metallics.
 I did roses on my middle finger and a failed toothpick mani on my ring finger.  17 Lovely Amethyst is the lavender that I used for the nail art.

Mani 3:  I couldn't get enough of those roses, and so I did them again here!  The base is the ultra vampy 45 Enchanting.  It is a deep maroon red cream. I used two coats.  For the ring finger, I used 52 Gold Plated for the base and Enchanting for the roses. 

Mani 4: I decided to go with a leopard print for this mani. 34 Silhouette is an earthy military green cream. I used two coats.  31 Pink Beige is the lighter grey-toned pink.   used two coats on this one as well.
 16 Mauving Forward is the mauve colored crew.  I also used two coats for this one.  

 Mani 5:  My least favorite color in the entire collection is 30 Bronze.  It is a metallic frosted pink that seems to be a throwback to the seventies.  It was streaky and did not play well.  I say leave the frosts in the past where they belong.

Mani 6:  40 Red Label is a fire engine red cream.  It went on easily in two coats.
 Mani 7:  41 Modern Rouge is an orange leaning red.  I used two coats for this as well and embellished my ring finger with some jewels.
 Mani 8: 42 Iconic Red could possibly be considered vampy as well.  It is a brick red cream that went on easily in two coats.

43 Ruby Stone is a metallic red that I actually liked.  It went on easily in two coats and would be great for Christmas!

 Here is a comparison picture of the four reds.  
Parting Thoughts: As far as the whole collection goes, this was right on the money. The frosted polishes were a miss for me, but the creams really rocked it.  Milani almost covered the entire color spectrum, but the missing greens and oranges make me wonder if more will be coming out soon.   
Individually, Ink Spot was #1 for me.  I also loved Ultra Violet, Silhouette, and Sugar Plum.  
Aside from one letdown, the creams were a huge hit and I can't wait to continue using them in my nail art.
Here are the links to the other colors in this vast collection:
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Price:  $3.99 each


This collection is available at all participating retailers of Milani.

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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

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cynthia decker said...

Your artwork is amazing! Love your photos, absolutely wonderful!