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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Girly Bits Vegas Exclusive-What Happens in Vegas...Ends Up On Snapchat.



I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Pam from Girly Bits at Cosmoprof this year.  What a pleasure it was to meet her!  She is every bit as fantastic in person as she is online. 
  While in Vegas, I received Pam's Vegas exclusive What Happens on Facebook...Ends Up On Snapchat.  This is her third year making a Vegas exclusive and it does not disappoint!  (I just have to add that they are also numbered and I was completely tickled to receive #1 in the collection as well!  WOW.) 
what Happens in Vegas
What Happens in Vegas... was 2 flawless coats.  As you can see by the pictures, it will absolutely stop traffic. I was so completely mesmerized by my nails the entire time I was wearing it! 
What happens in vegas
It is a bright, in-your-face linear holo with tiny holo glitter in it as well.  This macro photo runs dark...
Parting Thoughts: I don't think I have ever bought or received a bad Girly Bits polish.  Not a one.  You can rest assured that anything you buy from Girly Bits is of the utmost quality. 

Price: $10-$12.50 on her website. Other stockists may vary. This one is LE and available for pre-order in early to mid-August ONLY!  Check her Facebook and her website for details.

Girly Bits
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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

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Girly Bits said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you!! Thank you for sharing your stunning pictures! <3