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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ninja Polish Infinity Gems Collection!


  Ninja Polish has been busy at work creating new collections and I am excited to show them to you!  Tonight, I have the Infinity Gems Collection which consists of six holos and one holo glitter topper.
Here's what Ninja Polish has to say about this collection:
Ninja Polish Infinity Gems collection are straight out of the pages of your favorite comics, not to be confused with the cinematic universe! Express yourself with the power of the six Infinity Gems...but don't let Thanos find out! These are bright, holographic polishes representing the 6 of course the 7th polish is a representation of the golden Infinity Gauntlet (not shown in current photos), to wield them all! 
Soul is a beautiful grass green holo that went on effortlessly in two coats. 
The sun wasn't out when I swatched these, but the holo still came out to play!

Power is a strong red holo that went on in two buttery smooth coats.
This is a true red holo and a must have for any collection!

Time is a burnt orange holo.
It went on easily in two coats.  

Reality is messing with my mind!  Is it yellow or is it lime?!  I suppose it really depends on the lighting you're in, but I would say it leans yellow.
I used three coats for opacity.

Space is a grape purple holo.  
I used two coats and it went on just as easily as the others. 

Mind is a royal blue 1-2 coater!  I must say, I was outta my mind when I put this on!  
While the holo wasn't as strong, the color was ridiculous and I couldn't stop staring at it!

Gauntlet is a holo glitter topper in a clear base. I used one coat over Mind.
WOW. I was in awe of my nails when I saw these two together!  Gauntlet goes on silky smooth in one coat.

Parting Thoughts: Ninja Polish had been on hiatus for some time, but now that she is back, it is safe to say her creative genius never took a break!  These polishes are magnificent and a jut-have for any holo lover.

Price: $10 each


*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

1 comment:

Arathael said...

I got these as soon as they became available, and have already worn the purple and gold. Love'em!