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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Different Dimension Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Plus a Discount Code!



Today's post is my first time trying Different Dimension. Before you gasp in shock and shake your head at me, let me just say that after having tried this new collection, I am shaking my own head at myself.  HOW could I have let this amazing brand go untried by me for so long?! (If you've never tried them before either, now is your chance as I have a 30% off discount code at the end of this post!)

Cosmologically Speaking part 2 is a set of six ultra holos that will have you staring in stunned silence at your nails.   
Missi, the talented maker behind Different Dimension, will also have a very cool nail art glass for sale that you can use for nail art/water marbling or cleaning off your brushes. The collection and the glass will be in her shop on August 1st.
I've got a lot of pictures, so let's jump right in!  
Absolute Zero is a nude ultra-holo that went on smoothly in two coats. There is a small amount of fine holo glitter in it, but you can't tell when putting it on, because it goes on so smoothly.
I honestly thought this would be my least favorite of the bunch, so I tried it on first. NO. It is in my top two of this collection!  This is mannequin hands on acid!
Look at this macro!
I tried on Retrograde next. It was a two coat, ultra-holo with a bit of holo glitter in a bronze shade. 
It went on very smoothly (the larger, high quality brush helps a lot!) I was so impressed with Retrograde, I had to put it back on after swatching all six polishes.
The holo effect in these is so stunning, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Space-Time is a grass green ultra-holo.  I used two coats of this one as well. 
Space-Time had the most holo glitter in it of the bunch, but that didn't make application any different. It was as easy to put on as the rest.
It was also just as blinding in the sun!
I had no clean up afterwards due to the amazing brushes that DD puts in their bottles.

Purple lovers, please hold on to your seats.  Quaser is a pink-leaning purple ultra-holo.  
I used two coats and application was flawless. 
This is a must-have for you purple, holo lovers out there!
There was a tiny amount of holo glitter in this one, but it didn't affect application at all and it made my nails very eye-catching!

Cosmic Ray is the hot pink ultra-holo in this set.  This one is sure to be a hot seller as I know many ladies with a hot pink polish problem!
Once again, I used two very easy coats and application was easy peasy.
I am completely overwhelmed with the gorgeousness of these polishes!
The ultra holo in these just does not stop!

Blue Shift is the last one of the collection. It was almost a one coater and very opaque.  
The base color is that type of blue that I am always falling for in a polish!  
Blue Shift had the least amount of holo in it, but still showed plenty in the sun.
It reminds me of a starry night!

Parting Thoughts: I was blown away by this entire collection.  I had never previously owned a Different Dimension polish, but I can tell you now without hesitation, that will be changing.  The polishes are stellar and on the higher end of quality indie polishes.  My top two were Absolute Zero and Retrograde. 

Discount Code:  CPNA2015  for 30% off any orders placed before 8/31/15.


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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

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Arathael said...

Great brand, I have over a dozen....My fave is duochrome Tulips Are BetterThan One. After that, glitters like Squarey Hexy and Ohana Means Family. Her holos are also great. :)