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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bohemian Polish Mojave Morning


Mojave Morning was in my bag of goodies when I left Cocktails and Colors in Vegas this year.  I won't lie-I wondered if it would look good on my skin tone and if it would apply opaquely enough.
I was not disappointed!  I used three thin coats and this pale light silver holo is stunning.  I  mistakenly thought it was a pearlescent color when I saw it in the bottle, but it is a straight up, linear holo.  I think I will be using it for the base of a lot of nail art, like I did here.
I had no issues with Mojave Morning and can not wait to use it again and again!
The holo is more subtle as the base color is so light,and I love that about it!

The macro really shows the detail out in the sun!
I also love how it looks in the shade!
Parting Thoughts: I am impressed with Bohemian Polish. If they are all like this one, then I can't wait to see them!

Price: $9 each


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