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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nail Vinyls -stripes, chevrons, zig-zags and lightening bolts!



I was able to briefly meet Linda from Nail Vinyls at the indie event she co-hosted with Different Dimension, Glisten & Glow, and Cupcake Polish.  I love using nail vinyls and decided to take my time with these so I could show you some good nail art. 

I received four different types of vinyls-stripes, zig-zags, lightening bolts, and larger zig-zags. 
I used the smaller zig-zags over a base of Different Dimension Absolute Zero. I found them easy to pick up and put on my nail. It was hard to get them the same distance apart and even, so I took about seven of them off at once and put them on my nail and then took off every other one after it was on my nail. This way, I ensured that I had even spacing on my nail.
I put four other Different Dimension holos on my nails and pulled the vinyls up. 
I use the large zig zags for this look. I used Cupcake Polish BlueBell Girls as a base and then laid down the zig zags.
The zig zags went on easily and I had no issues with them. I used Cupcake Polish Lido De Paris over the top and pulled the vinyls off. They came off easily. 

I had the most trouble with the stripes. They were so close together, I wasted many of them and almost gave up. I did manage to get this look to happen though! I used a base of Bohemian Polish Mojave Morning. I laid down one skinny stripe and one thicker stripe. I color blocked with Serum No5 Globalt Blue and Sleepy Holo along with Bliss Polish Come Go with Me.
I did not think I would like the lightening bolts, but they ended up being my favorite! I used a base of Ninja Polish Rubellite Dreams and then laid the lightening bolts down. They went on super easy.
I used my new favorite micro glitter, Different Dimension Big Bang over the top. 
Parting Thoughts: I really liked the vinyls. My favorite was the lightening bolts. 

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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*

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