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Friday, September 11, 2015

SinfulColors Back to School Collection-A Class Act



SinfulColors is coming out with a Back to School Collection coming out in stores Aug-Sept.  Here's what the press release says about the new collection:
Dusty pastels and pops of color come in a demi-matte finish that feels soft yet looks striking and is deserving of nothing but straight A's. Denim blues and ready-to-burst brights capture an effortlessly cool and rebellious vibe, while shimmering silvers, purples and teals with eye catching 3D glitters look just as chic during a night out on the town as they do in class the next day.
 I have most of the mattes and a couple others to show you...
VIPeach is a soft yellow matte that took 3-4 coats.  I used nail plate 3-02 from Uber Chic with SinfulColors Casablanca. 
Pink Break is a soft matte pink that took two coats for coverage.  My bottle had a wonky brush.  I used Uber Chic stamping plate 3-01 and SinfulColors Casablanca to stamp.
Truth or Lavendare is a soft lavender matte polish. I used two coats and found it had minor self-leveling issues. I did a gradient on my ring finger with Hazed and stamped over that with Uber Chic plate 3-01 and SinfulColors Casablanca.
Whiteboard is the white matte in the collection. I had hoped it could be my go-to white, but it took three coats, was patchy, and had minor self-leveling issues. I stamped over my ring finger Uber Chic plate 4-01 and KBShimmer Eclipse.
Chalk It Up was two coats and I had no issues with it. I stamped with Uber Chic stamping plate and SinfulColors Casablanca.
RADient was more of a jelly matte. It took 5-6 coats for opacity. I used Uber Chic stamping plate 3-03 and KBShimmer Eclipse.
Hazed  was also a matte jelly. I used three coats  and stamped with Uber Chic plate 3-02 and SinfulColors Casablanca.
Blackboard was also three coats and had the consistency of a jelly. It dries matte and I stamped over it with Uber Chic plate 4-03 and SinfulColors Casablanca.
Casablanca is what I used for most of the stamping and it is good to stamp with! It also only took two coats for this mani and only had minor streaks.
Rebel Rose is not part of the mattes, but is a pearlescent magenta with lavender shimmer. I used three coats.
Parting Thoughts: I was pretty disappointed in these mattes.  I love SinfulColors and they are usually on the edge of what is hot in the mainstream nail world.  But these just missed it in terms of quality.  

Price: $1.99

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*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own*


BadMammaJamma said...

Casablanca looks like Sinful Unicorn.

Diana Khristova said...

? Unicorn is a light yellow...
Casablanca is silver