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Indie Nail Polish Shop Links

Here is a continuously updated list of indie polish sellers (428 indie shops as of 10/1/13) that ADVENTURES OF THE NAIL FRIENDS originally started.  I try to update every  few months.  If you create polish and ALREADY have a store that you want listed, please message me with a link (see bottom of page.)
UPDATE 10/1/13: I have streamlined the list so that all indie brands are together rather than having the ones I have tried at the top. If you want to know which I have reviewed, you can scroll the right hand side of my blog to view the polish brands I have links to.

-This is meant to be a list of all indie brands that I find-the good, the bad, and the ugly.   It is always best to research unknown polish creations and look for swatches and reviews (this is standard for even large company brands) to see if it is compatible with what you want. 
-Some indie brands sell in multiple places. At the bottom of the page are the brands and the alternate places to buy them.
(taken from
DEFINITION OF INDIE: an independently owned business. self-employed or privately owned.

In the nail polish world, the term "indie" has come to mean handmade nail polish, even though the original term means an independently owned business.  For the sake of clarity, I have labeled those that are not handmade as "Indie+."   These "Indie+" brands are still owned and operated by one person, but the polishes are made in a lab.
  1. A England    Indie+ 
  2. A Girl Obsessed
  3. A Rhyming Dictionary
  4. A Study in Polish
  5. Above the Curve
  6. Absolute Lacquer
  7. A'dor Beauty Supplies
  8. Adorn Nails
  9. Alanna Renee (AUS)
  10. All That Glitters
  11. Alta Costura Vernis
  12. Alter Ego Nail Enamel
  13. Aly's Dream Polish
  14. Amplify Polish
  15. Amy's Nail Boutique
  16. Anne Kathleen
  17. Aphrodite Lacquers  
  18. AquaDaisy   
  19. ArtOfGodiva
  20. Ashley's Polish
  21. Atomic Polish
  22. Bad Ass Nail Lacquer
  23. Bad Ass Polish
  24. Bam Nail
  25. Berry's Creations
  26. Beyond the Nail
  27. BGCosmetics
  28. Big T Ranch 
  29. Black Cat Lacquer
  30. Black Phoenix Trading Post
  31. Black Sheep Lacquer (CAN & USA)
  32. Bliss Polish
  33. Blondie's Nails Lacquer
  34. BNVS Nail Color
  35. Bootie Babe         INDIE +
  36. Borough Babe Made
  37. Boston Babe Nail Polish
  38. Buff N Shine
  39. Cadillacquer (Switz)
  40. Caged BIrd Nail Lacquer
  41. Cameo Colors Lacquers
  42. Candeo Colors 
  43. Candied Lustre
  44. Candii Blossom Cosmetics
  45. Candy Lacquer
  46. Canvas Nails
  47. Carina Dolce Mineral Comsetics
  48. Celestial Cosmetics (AUS)
  49. Chaos and Crocodiles
  50. Chaos Theory Nail Lacquer
  51. Charm Your Nails
  52. Chase Me Nails
  53. Chick Nail Polish
  54. Chirality Polish  
  55. Cirque Colors
  56. Classic Films Cosmetics
  57. CoCoLacQuer
  58. Colores de Carol
  59. Colors by Llarowe
  60. Contrary Polish
  61. Couronne d'Or Vernis
  62. Crazy For Lacquer
  63. Crows Toes (see below etailers)
  64. Cult Nails   Indie +
  65. Cupcake Polish
  66. Cyanide Nails
  67. Daily Charm
  68. Daily Lacquer
  69. Dandy Nails   
  70. Daphine Polish 
  71. Daring Digits
  72. Darling Diva
  73. Dead Set Babe's (AUS)
  74. Delush Polish
  75. Demolished Polish
  76. Different Dimensions
  77. Digital Nails
  78. Disturbing Behavior
  79. Doctor Lacquer
  80. Dollipop Cosmetics
  81. Dollish Polish 
  82. Down the Bayou
  83. Dragon Lady Lacquer
  84. Dynamic Polish
  85. Effervescence Nail LAcquer
  86. Elevation Polish 
  87. Elixir Lacquers  
  88. Ella Products
  89. Ellagee Polish
  90. Emerald and Ash
  91. Emily De Molly (AU)  
  92. Enchanted Polish
  93. Every Beauty Boutique
  94. Every Bit of Sparkle
  95. Eye Kandii Cosmetics
  96. f4 Polish
  97. Faith In Manicures
  98. Fan Service Nails
  99. FanChromatic Nails 
  100. Fandom Cosmetics
  101. Fashion Disaster 101
  102. Feenix Polish
  103. Femme Fatale Cosmetics (AU) 
  104. Femme Fatale Lacquer
  105. Fickle Fairy Potions
  106. Flower Power
  107. FNUG(DEN)  For USA SHEN-Beauty  indie+
  108. Forever Polished By Ashley
  109. Foxy Paws (UK)
  110. Franken Frosting
  111. Franken Stain Nail Polish
  112. Frankenstine Polish
  113. Freak Show Polish
  114. Geek Chic Cosmetics
  115. Geektacular Lacquer
  116. Gem City Tiffany
  118. Gemstone Nail Polish
  119. GG Couture Nail Lacquer
  120. Girly Bits (CAN)  
  121. Glam Paint
  122. Glam Polish
  123. Glimmer by Erica
  124. Glisten and Glow
  125. Glitter Bunny Polish
  126. Glitter Gal (AUS)  Indie +
  127. Glitter Daze     
  128. Glitter Guilty
  129. Glitter Me This Polish
  130. GlitterFest
  131. Glitterfied Nails
  132. Glittering Elements Nail LAcquer (UK)
  133. Glitz In A Bottle
  134. Glitz'd 23
  135. Gloss N Sparkle
  136. Glossome Polish
  137.  Gothic Gala Lacquers
  138. Hand Model
  139. Happy Hands Nail Polish
  140. Hare Polish 
  141. Harlow and Co.
  142. Hebridian Sprite Beauty (CAN)
  143. Honey Buttons Nail Polish
  144. Hot Chick Physics
  145. Huemorista
  146.  Iconic Effect (UK)
  147. If Nails Make You Happy
  148. I Love Nail Polish
  149. Illume Lacquer
  150. I'm Doing My Nails Today
  151. Imperial Nail Lacquer
  152. IN the Gray Areas
  153. Incidental Twin
  154. Indecisive Lacquer
  155. Indie Polish
  156. Indigo Bananas
  157. Initial Lacquer
  158. J And L Creations
  159. Jaded Nail
  160. JENsations
  161. Jindie Nails
  162. Jior Couture
  163. JK Customs
  164. Joyful Noise Cosmetics
  165. Kandi Star
  166. Kawaii Nail Lacquer
  167. Kay's Nail Polish
  168. KB Shimmer
  169. Kelara Lacquers
  170. Kel Bel Cosmetics
  171. Kiss Your Elbow Polish
  172. Kristi's Klean Kreations
  173. Krush Ko
  174. Kunimitsu
  175. La Bella Vernice
  176. LacAttack
  177. La Couleur Couture
  178.  Lacquer by Lissa
  179. Lacquer Convention
  180.  Lacquerhead Polish
  181. Laquerlicious
  182. Lacquer Lust
  183. Lacquery
  184. Lacquistry 
  185. LAK Lacquer
  186.  LAV Lacquer
  187. Lavish Lacquer
  188.  Lavish Polish
  189.  Lemon Drop Polishes
  190.  Leopard Lacquer
  191.  Lilypad Lacquer (AUS)
  192.  Liquid Courage Nails
  193. Liquid Glam Lacquer
  194. Liquid Lacquer
  195. Liquid Sky Lacquer
  196. Liquidus Nail Gloss
  197. Literary Lacquer 
  198. Live Life Polished
  199. Llama Lacquers
  200. Loki's Lacquer
  201. Love Angeline
  202. Love Thy Polish (AUS)
  203. Lucky 13 
  204. Lumikki Cosmetics
  205. Lumina Lacquer
  206. Luscious Potion
  207. Lush Lacquer
  208. Luv That Color 
  209. Luxe Lacquer
  210. LynBDesigns
  211. Lynnderella 
  212. Lynx Lacquer
  213. Mack Gives Back
  214. Madeiran Indie Polishes
  215. Maisie Shine
  216. Mandyland Polish
  217. ManGlaze   Indie+
  218. Maya Cosmetics  
  219. MckFresh Nail Attire  (AUS)
  220. Megan Miller Collection  Indie +
  221. Meg Polish
  222. Melange Polish
  223. Me.lissa Lacquer 
  224. Mentality Nail Polish
  225. Messy Jessi
  226. Mint Nail Polish
  227. Mix In Berry
  228. Mod Lacquer
  229. Model City Polish
  230. Monster Lacquer
  231. Mosaic Lacquer
  232. Mrs. P's Nail Potions
  233. My Blue Lacquer
  234.  My Pink Dreams 
  235. My SIren's Call  
  236. My Ten Friends
  237. Nail Confections
  238. Naild'It Unique Nail Lacquers 
  239. Nail Kandy
  240. Nail Nation 3000
  241. Nail Pattern Boldness
  242. Nail Polish Central
  243. Nail Sauce
  244.  Nails IT
  245. Neener Neener Nails
  246. Nelly Polish
  247. Nerd Lacquer 
  248. Never Naked Nails
  249. Ninja Polish
  250. Nires Desire Polish
  251. No Worries POlish
  252. Northern Star Polish
  253. Nostalgic Nail Lacquer
  254. Not Too Polished
  255. Novel Nail Polish 
  256.  Novel Nails 
  257. Nubzen Claus
  258. One Love Lacquers
  259. Ooh La Lacquer
  260. Oopsie Daisies 
  261. Otaku Polish 
  262. Paanduuh Polis
  263. Pahlish
  264. Painted Sabotage
  265. Paint Box Polish
  266. Paint Shop Polish
  267. Paints By Allya
  268. Pams and Kin
  269. Paper Heart Nails
  270. Paris Sparkles
  271. Peita's Polish (AUS)
  272. Penguin Polish
  273. Philly Loves Lacquer
  274. Phonailtic Lacquer
  275. Picture Polish (AUS)  Indie+
  276. Pink Dipsy Bulle
  277.  Pinkey Nails 
  278. Pipe Dream Polish
  279. Piper Polis
  280. Pirate Polish (CAN)
  281. Plucky Polish
  282. Plump
  283. Plum Valley Notions
  284. Pocket Money Polishes
  285. Polish Eh? (CAN)
  286. Polish Love 
  287. Polish NV
  288. Polish TBH
  289. Polished by KPT
  290. Polished Colors 
  291. Polished Components
  292. Polished Graphics
  293. Polished INtentions
  294. Polished Perfection
  295. Polished Revolution
  296. Polishes by Steph
  297. Polishous
  298. Pop Culture Cosmetic
  299. Pound of Glitter 
  300. Prettily Inspired (CAN
  301. Pretty and Polished
  302. Pretty Jelly
  303. Pretty Polish n' Things
  304. Pretty Serious (AUS)  indie+
  305. Prihtee Paintz (CAN)
  306. Princess Polish 
  307. Pure Beauty Shop
  308. Q's Nail Emporium
  309. Rainbow Honey 
  310. Rainbow Polish
  311. Red Dog Designs 
  312. Rescue Beauty Lounge  Indie+
  313. Retrograde Fermata
  314. RosieSparkle
  315. Ruby White Tips 
  316. Saban
  317. Sassy Lacquer
  318. Sayuri Nail Lacquer
  319. Scofflaw Varnish
  320. Sea Lore 
  321. Seaskyy
  322. Serum No. 5
  323. Seven And Parker 
  324. Shades of Phoenix (AUS)
  325. Shenanigans Lacquer
  326. Shimmer Polish
  327. Shot of Glitter
  328. Sick Lacquers
  329. Silly Bees Chickadees
  330. Silly Lily Polish
  331. Sindie Pop Lacquer
  332. Sinister Benediction
  333. Slick Lacquers
  334. Smarty Lacquer
  335. Smitten Polish 
  336. Smudged Polish  (AUS)
  337. Sneaky Lacquer
  338. Sobe Botanicals 
  339. SoFlaJo 
  340. Sonoma Nail Art
  341. Sonnetarium
  342. Spacey Wacey Crafts
  343. Sparkle Factor Lacquer
  344. Sparkle Nail Lacquer
  345. Special Ones Lacquer
  346. Spectrum Cosmetics
  347. Spellbound Nails
  348. Spooky Bones
  349. Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish
  350. Spy Princess Nails
  351. Star Candy Polish
  352. Star Crushed Minerals 
  353. Star Dust Lacquer
  354. Stardust Polish
  355. Star Trinkets
  356. Starlight and Sparkles
  357. Starrily
  358. Starry Earth 
  359. Styler Design
  360. Super Black Lacquers
  361. Sweet Cheeks Polish
  362. Sweet Creek Herbal Care
  363. Sweet Fairy
  364. Sweet Heart Polish 
  365. Sycamore Boutique
  366. SYN Cosmetics INDIE +
  367. Tammi's Tips Lacquers (CAN)
  368. Takko Lacquer 
  369. Tara's Nail Polish
  370. Tara's Talons  (UK)
  371. Tater Rounds Beauty
  372. Tawdry Terrier 
  373. The Hungry Asian
  374. The Juice Box
  375. The Lady Varnishes
  376. The Nail Junkie 
  377. The Painted Villian
  378. The Pixie Girl
  379. The Polish Bar
  380. The Polish Sage
  381. The Polish Well
  382. The Polished Mafia 
  383. The Sparkle Queen
  384. The Spooky Bones Company
  385. Tillie Polish 
  386. Tina and Lucy
  387. Tipsy Turvy Nails
  388. Too Cuteicle
  389. Too Fancy Lacquer 
  390. Treasures by Tan
  391. Trelly Polish
  392. Tryst Lacquers (CAN)
  393. Twee and Honey
  394. TwentySeven Nail Polish
  395. Two Birds One Store
  396. Two Blooms Design Studio (CAN)
  397. Uneek Polish
  398. Urban Lacquer
  399. Utopia's Polish
  400. Varnish Vixen
  401. Vivid Lacquer 
  402. Voodoo Lacquer
  403. Weekend lacquer
  404. Well Nails  (DEN)
  405. Whimsical Ideas By Pam
  406. White Owl Lacquers
  407. Whooz Polish
  408. Wicked Polish
  409. Willow Tree
  410. Windestine
  411. Wing Dust Collections (CAN)
  412. Wing In It Lacquer
  413. Wishful Bath and Beauty
  414. Witch Mistress
  415. Wonder Beauty Products
  416. Wonderland Lacquer
  417. XOXO Nails
  418. Yeunger Moxey
  419. Yume Lacquer
  420. Zany Nailz
  421. Zombie Darlings
  422. Zombified Nails
  423. 2nd Purpose
  424. 6 Harts Craft Company
  425. 365 Days of Color
  426. 907 Lacquer

Many of the more popular indie brands
can also be found at one or more of these online stores:
Ships from USA-Ninja Polish
Ships from USA-Overall Beauty
Ships from USA-Llarowe
Ships from USA- The Soap Box Company
Ships from USA- Esther's Nail Center
Ships from USA Beauty Pop Shop  
Ships from USA-Beautometry 
Ships from Canada-Harlow and Co.
Ships from Singapore- Mei Mei's Signature
Ships from Singapore-Shoppe Eclectic
Ships from Singapore- Beauty So Fly
Ships from UK- Sally Magpies
Ships from Sweden-Edgy Polish
Ships from Phillipines- Polish Please!
Ships from Norway- Norway Nails
Ships from Australia- Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Ships from France- Malibu Nail Art
Ships from France- Atouts Charme

Thank you for commenting on this page requesting me to review polishes!  If you are interested in having me review your polishes, please email me at illustratedlady(at)me(dot)com.  You can also private message me on my FACEBOOK PAGE.  Thank you all for your support and interest in this page!
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SeeSarahSwatch said...

i have one called Two Birds, One Store on etsy! :]

Girly Bits said...

WOW this is an awesome list to have!! great reference material. I am pinning this on Pinterest for sure!!
**whispers... perhaps you could add Girly Bits to the list =)

illustratedlady said...

I am so embarrassed! Thanks, Girly Bits. It's like forgetting Jordan when your listing famous basketball players. LOL

Girly Bits said...

hehe no problem at all. I will email you if I think of any others. ♥

Julie said...

Hey, I like your list, and love your Etsy items! I recently started making Frankens myself and are selling them on Etsy. Check it out;

Laura C said...

Hey! Thanks for including me on this AWESOME list! Definitely in good company~

Kimmeh said...

Love this list! I just ordered some from Lush Lacquer, really lovely polishes on that one. I may have to franken soon, I'm itching to try!

Tara said...

Thank you for making this list. And a special thank you for including me on it. :)

-Tara of Tara's Nail Polish

Allison said...

Thank you for including me on this list! I only just opened three days ago so it was a great surprise to see it here! You and your readers are welcome to contact me at any time with questions or comments. Thanks again!

Carrie said...

Wow I made the list Awesome! (Sassy Lacquer) Thanks for including me!


ALY said...

Just opened Couronne d'Or Vernis on Etsy! :)

Anni from Vivid Lacquer said...

Thanks so much for including my shop! <3

Bree said...

I just became aware that you have added my indie polish shop on Etsy to your list. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate any word of mouth and I have already seen a little bit of traffic to my shop from your blog. Again thank you!! Perhaps we could arrange something in the future and I could send you some minis to review and put on your blog???

Regardless, I appreciate the listing and I'm now aware of your blog and following it and love what I've checked out so far :)

Take care!

Bree (aka Mrs. P)

Kelly-devilishpolish said...

what if we have one to add to the list??

illustratedlady said...

Kelly, It's done!

Kelly-devilishpolish said...

Awesome :) thank you.

Feliifel said...

Hey Doll! Thanks for listing Nail Sauce! I'd love for you to feature a shade of your choice, on the house. Messege me at my etsy shop. Take care XOXO Feliifel

Laura said...

I feel honored that Brummingbird is even on this list with all these awesome brands! Thanks for including me!

sarah @ cagedbird said...

thank you for linking my shop!

cagedbird nail lacquer

CharmedLindsay said...

Love this list!!! And thank you for your support of my shop at!!! Long live Indie brands!!

BartTart said...

Yay! I see I'm up there! "Polish Me Please" I feel so official now! Thanks! Love your blog by the way ;)

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

I need to get you over some of my polish so I can join the exclusive "Polish I Own & have Tried" list lol! Email me your info to you haven't already).

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

Oh, and THANK YOU for adding me to the list!! You rock :)!♥

Michelle Kline said...

Thanks you for including Tipsy Turvy Nails on your list!

MommyLady said...

Thanks so much for including Cameo Colours Lacquers! <3

ThePolishHoochie said...

This list is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for doing this.

Jessica said...

You are so awesome for making this list!! Just wanted to ask if you could update the name and link for my brand--my etsy shop is name Kyoti's Creations but my polish name is Lucky 13 and I mainly sell from here: Http://

Thanks! <3

Brittany Sanderson said...

Wow, I'm surprised I'm up there since my shop is so new! I'm honored to be on the list with all the other lovely ladies though. It feels amazing!

illustratedlady said...

Jessica, I have updated you shop! Thank you for letting me know!

Jessica said...

Looks like my shop link goes to one of your posts and not my shop, but thank you for updating the info :-D

illustratedlady said...

Geez! How many ways can I screw that up?! thanks for letting me know. It is fixed now. :o)

Brittany Michelle said...

Thanks for including Liquid Glam Lacquer!! :) Contact me on Etsy if you would like to try us out!!

KittenMittens said...

Flipping through the list I was excited to see Femme Fatale (luuuuv duochrome eyeshadows) but noticed it was another company altogether! Femme Fatale cosmetics also has nail polish so it seems there are 2 shops with the same name. Going by Facebook, FFC started them in July while FFL opened a page in the middle of August.

illustratedlady said...

Thank you Kitten Mittens, I will research this also!

Gottwinkies said...

Holy Smokes! That is a lovely long list! Would it be possible to get mine on there?
6 Harts Craft Company on etsy....thank-you if you do!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

That was very thoughtful of you to do that.

illustratedlady said...

Got twinkles/6 Harts, I added you!

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you! I had no idea there were so many, so thank-you for doing this!

Christina Woog said...

Thank you for the add! What a great resource. So much creativity out there, it's awesome!

Denise M. said...

Thank you so much for including my shop - Pop Culture Cosmetics :)

llarowe said...

Thank you so much for including llarowe! Wonderful reference list!

L said...

Can you please add J & L Creations, LLC to your list? You can find them at or at


Unknown said...

Thank you for including Bubbles-N-Balms on your list!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

This is an awesome list and well done! I am new to the indie scene and opened shop on December 10th. My brand is BadAss Polish and the link to my shop is

jc0812 said...

Great list! My shop is called The Polish Bar: I've been open since March 2012. I love seeing all these new shops!

SYN Cosmetics said...

Thank you for adding us :)

Kaylee Votano said...

Found out today that Dynamic Polish is on at least two of these lists and I can not be happier! I'm honored to be up there with all of those awesome people!! Yippee!!

Andrea @Oasis Accents said...

I opened my shop on Etsy on January 1st and would love to be included on your list.

Thanks so much.


Treesponge said...

I let my list lapse. I'm going to poke through yours and then go on a hunt for new shops like in the "old?" days!

You never know. I may find one or two hahaha

Kim Snyder said...

Oh my gosh I didn't realize that
there are so many yummy indie
brands! Thanks for including
my eshop as a place to find a
few them as well. There is always
room for more ;)
We love to support indie
brands!! I feel a glitter need coming on.
Now I off to check out a few new shops I see..
Kim at
Your list rocks!!

Andrea @Oasis Accents said...

Thank you so much for including me on your list! =)

Glitterfied Nails

Kosmikfade said...

Thank you for adding me to your list! I really appreciate it! :)

Mod Lacquer

sher` said...

Today I discovered this :)


Kitty Chen said...

Huge and amazing list! thank you so much for compiling this!

UpcycleFever said...

Wow that's one hefty list. I'm glad you somehow found my little shop! Thanks for including me! Could you email me about sending samples?

BriannaJayCee said...

Hello, do you mind adding mine on there? It's Dream Polish:

Pam said...

This post is awesome and sooo helpful thanks for taking the time and patience to do it.

shez costigan said...

Hi could you add my Toya-Jade Polish please,
Aussie indie ,

Feonacy Tyson said...
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Polishnv said...

The next time you update the list could you add It's the sister shop to Bubbles N Balms
Thank you

Esther Fox said...

Hi! Could you please add Philly Loves Lacquer?


Tanya Picanco said...

could you please add
THANKS SO MUCH!!!! amazing list too!

Samantha Ann said...

Hi there! I would be greatly appreciative if you could add my brand Lynx Lacquer to your list. It's Also, if you'd be interested in samples to review, you can email me your information and stats to

Thank you very much!

CaCa said...

What an awesome list! Thank you for promoting all the indie brands!

Could you please add Too Fancy Lacquer to the list?

Also I would be in touch shortly about blogger review, thank you!


Anna Colson said...

Please add to the indie list.

Thank you!

Polish said...

Please add me! Thanks for keeping a list =)

Esther Fox said...

Just thought you should know that Glittering Elements is AU not UK :)

penny pinching polish said...

there's a new UK e-tailer for indies now called Rainbow Connection UK:

Emma (Love Thy Polish) said...

Here's a couple of new Aussie ones for ya!

Powder Perfect
Bella Belle Nail Couture
Indee Polish Co
Miss Ashleigh


Emma (Love Thy Polish) said...

Oh, and Arcane :)

LauraLark said...

Thank you for this list!! Would you please add Honey Lacquer?

Thank you!! :)

kim nguyen said...


You can maybe add CandyNail.

here's the website :

super1nails said...

Could you add Super Nails to the list?


Kristyn Mcquiggan said...

Wonderful List! WOW! Could you add Echoes Polish to your list? :D!

Tennessee Kelley said...

I have as well :)

L said...

Can you please change J & L Creations from their etsy store to


super1nails said...

Hello! Can you please add Super Nails ( to your list? Love your indie list! <3

ger76 said...

I'm a new UK indie polish maker could I please be added to your list, I'm Freaky Styley <3 x

Ali Puckett said...

Hello ThingsILove! I am an indie nail polish maker out of Chicago USA. I specialize in shimmer, glitter, and matte finish. I would love to be added to your list!

Boom Sparkle:

Monica Cantu said...

Thank you for including me in this list! I've seen so much traffic to my Etsy shop from your page, and I greatly appreciate it! My primary website (the one that is updated first) is

I would LOVE to have you review my products. Look around my site, and if there's anything you'd like to try, shoot me an email at

Thanks again!


Carleigh Pearce said...

Hi! Love this list of indie makers! Can you add Ellison's Organics to the list? I make 3 free polish with natural colorants. Thanks! Love that you're doing this. :)

A La Renay Boutique said...

I have a line called RENIKA. So far ive only released 2 polishes with a big collection to launch in May. Please take a look! Thanks!

Fox and Owl Polish said...

Great list I love looking at everyone's creations! My new little shop is only 2 months old :) Fox and Owl Polish on IG & Etsy. I'm from Australia :) x

Jaclyn Sallee said...

I'm hoping you can help me. I looking for an indie polish called "I do". It is in a round flat bottle and it's a silver sparkly heaven.