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Polishes I Need!

 Funny how tastes change over time!  I am very into creams, and shimmers.  I am no longer a huge fan of heavy glitters and the only glitter top coats I like are the black and white's with a random color thrown in.  
It's hard for me to say no to a well-made glitter jelly though!  
The colors I am loving are smoky lavenders, purples, bright blues, and lime greens.  I love periwinkles and rich earth tones too. For some reason, I can't say no to bright pinks!

You won't see many-if any-yellows, oranges, or browns here. I rarely do red-and only deep, wine-colored reds.  I also am not a fan of pastels and milky whites as they all look washed out on my skin.  
Brands that are pretty safe to say I will love anything from are: Butter London, RBL shimmers, Illamasqua, Dior, Maya Cosmetics, Dandy Nails, Girly Bits, A England, Elevation Polish, Contrary Polish, Ninja Polish, Cult Nails.

For my complete wish list, visit my Pinterest Board "Polish Wish List."