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Shelle By The Shore

I have just pressed the button to sell my beach glass jewelry on Etsy.  The beach glass jewelry made by other beach glass collectors sell for in the hundreds of dollars!  I wanted to make it affordable to women like me who work for a living.  :o)  All of these stones, beach glass, pottery, and shells were personally picked off of beaches in Northern California by my husband or myself.  What affects pricing is the rarity of the color of glass, the quantity of items used, the amount of time it takes to make a piece, and the cost of the jewelry trim.  You can go to my Etsy shop "Shelle By The Shore" by clicking HERE.
One more thing...
To better understand where each color stands in the rankings, read the chart below....

My own personal necklace. Not for sale.
Close up of my own necklace. Not for sale.

Beach stone stacked necklace. SOLD.

Close up of stacked beach stone necklace.  SOLD.

White seashell and beach glass bracelet. SOLD.

Rootbeer colored beach glass earrings.    I have seen something like this go for  $45-$65.

Three stone necklace. 

Rainbow necklace.   Some of these stones are VHTF! I have seen something like this go for $300-$400.

I found this heart-shaped stone on my anniversary in Big Sur.  SOLD.

Olive green drop earrings.   Olive is uncommon.  SOLD

Same as ones pictured above but in the sunlight. SOLD

White beach glass dangling earrings- 

I made this charm bracelet with my favorite glass, shells, pottery and stones. 

Kelly Green Earrings-

Kelly Green earrings
One of a kind Chandelier earrings. Some rare colors on here!

I LOVE this one-Neutral colored stone bracelet.  SOLD

Close up of stone bracelet.  SOLD

Not sure what door this is!  I have never seen it before and it is slightly speckled.  

Kelly Green, white, and lime green earrings.  SOLD

Drop earrings in the speckled glass. 

Speckled glass, and white glass earrings.   SOLD

Drop earrings-both have a line through the glass which is desirable to collectors. 
I have many more items in my shop!   Check it out!